Xls 123 hello me meet

Google Spreadsheet COUNTIF function with formula examples

xls 123 hello me meet

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xls 123 hello me meet

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It's high time to try and build a formula together. Google Spreadsheet COUNTIF for text and numbers exact match Let's suppose your company sells various types of chocolate in several consumer regions and works with many clients. This is how your sales data look like in Google Sheets: Let's begin from the basics.

xls 123 hello me meet

We need to count the number of sales in the "West" region. Google Sheet immediately understands that we are going to enter a formula.

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As soon as you type the letter "C", it will prompt us to choose a function that begins with this letter. By the way, you don't have to enter the range manually - mouse selection is enough. Then enter a commaand specify the second argument - searching criteria. The second argument is a value that we're going to look for across the selected range. In our case it's going to be the text - "Milk Chocolate".

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Remember to finish the function with a closing bracket " " and press "Enter". Also, don't forget to enter double quotes "" when using text values.

Our final formula looks as follows: D16,"Milk Chocolate" As a result, we get three sales of this type of chocolate. In other words, you can't indicate a few separate cells or columns and rows.

xls 123 hello me meet

Please see the examples below. The better decision would be to write the criteria down other Google Sheets cell and reference that cell in the formula. We'll get the following formula: