Tekken tag 2 slim bob ending a relationship

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tekken tag 2 slim bob ending a relationship

Bob / Paul - Skinny Mirrior Victim or should that be Fat Mirrior Victim or Team .. new team names given the possible relationship connection listed below. .. EX Julia (TTT2 Jaycee) / EX Michelle (TTT2 Ending) / "Original". Tekken Tag Tournament 2 already has a huge roster with over 40 guessed Slim Bob since he was only revealed during his Tekken 6 ending. Bob's ending sees him become a huge success story, but then he pulls Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features Slim Bob as a playable character.

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Detective Comics Powers: Super strength, speed, shape-shifting, telepathy, invisibility, laser vision, flight, intangibility Other Media: Martian Manhunter is a great foil for Superman, mainly different in that he was an adult when he made his exodus from his dying planet and that affects him differently.

While Erdel would have been able to send him back, the shock of seeing this Martian caused him to have a heart attack and die. Back then, the idea of shipping a guy to Mars, even in a superhero world, was considered rather difficult.

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His appearance as Martian Manhunter was meant to be a middle-ground version between Martian and human, being the best of both worlds. He joined the Justice League, used mainly as a stand-in for when the publishers felt Superman was being used way too much.

He appeared in nearly every incarnation of the team, which offset how little juice he had in carrying his own solo series, no matter how many times they tried. He was written out of comics for a while until being brought back into the Justice League fold. There was a part where he challenged another Martian to a fight and while the narrative strictly said that they were both invisible during this fight, the artist drew them like normal anyway. Things got pretty dark for Martian Manhunter around this time.

He was on the outs with his race. He joined the infamously bad Justice League Detroit otherwise known as Aquaman leading a team of angsty teenagers and ended up becoming the leader towards the end, only to have a couple of the kids tragically die on his watch.

Not only did Dr. The destruction of Mars was thousands of years ago. Like Superman, he was the last of his kind… until they brought in guys who were also Martians down the line. He had a big role in Justice League International, known for being the fun and funny era. Thanks to Captain Marvel, he was also turned onto Oreo cookies later renamed Chocos due to trademark and became addicted.

For such an intrinsically goofy character - he's basically Mokujin reskinned as one of the doofus Battle Droids from the Star Wars prequels - the sombre tone of his ending is a surprise, but the result is something genuinely heartbreaking, as the robot looks upon mankind's way of disposing with any machine that outlives its usefulness and is overwhelmed by the truth of his its mortality.

The music might have had me tearing up here, not gonna lie. Craig Marduk Excuse me while I bemoan the fact that the Tekken guy bearing my name is a lb lump of raw stupidity and friggin' Australian Anyway, it's time for more wrestling, with the same flashy, colourful but largely unfiltered art style as Armor King's video, except here it's Team Muscles with the advantage, and the stand-out moment being Marduk pulling one of the turnbuckles loose and swinging it like a club, the big nutter.

Expect to see John Cena doing the same thing on a WWE card in the next few months as part of their bookers' attempts to get him over purely based on muscle width.

Devil Jin Devil Jin flies up into orbit like he's Superman, before being visited by Jun's glowing ghost, which But wait - Normal Jin is found laying in the desert like he was at the end of Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign.

Doctor Bosconovitch Placeholder image, couldn't find one from the appropriate video The good doctor frantically works in his lab, analysing blood samples taken from the Mishima clan, and discovers I have no clue, except we suddenly cut to Lars in a helicopter looking tense.

tekken tag 2 slim bob ending a relationship

This one left me a little cold; I was expecting something zanier from Dr. B, given how utterly mental he is to play, and As to the meaning behind this discovery, I'm at a loss, though I guess it indicates we won't be seeing a Devil Lars anytime soon.

Yeah, I know, Jinpachi was a monster in Tekken 5, but apparently it wasn't a Devil Gene monster, despite appearances Eddy Gordo Using the same striking cel-style as Christie's ending, this one takes place a matter of minutes before that, showing what Eddy gets up to when he's not running around looking for old mans' cures or sulkily following Jin's commands - he runs a little orphanage like the first King did.

There's a slightly groan-worthy play on words to remind us that Eddy is super-tough because he's been in the clink, and then Eddy goes off for revenge on I'm not even sure who anymore. On a side note, why is Eddy so keen to keep Christie out of this? Because she's a girl? Dude, she can fight just as well as you can - in fact, she fights exactly the same as you do. And it's not like back-up would hurt, right?

Feng Wei Hey, remember how Asuka supposedly entered Tekken 5 to avenge her father's beatdown at Feng's hands, before the devs decided to forget all that in favour of having her just be lesbionic rivals with fellow brat Lili? Well, somebody finally reminded them what she was meant to be doing, and here's the result!

The confrontation doesn't go so well for miss Kazama, as Feng clearly considers his bowl-balancing circus act to be of greater importance than her. The art style and music aren't especially noteworthy, but since I'm hardly an Asuka fan I do enjoy watching her get punked, and the closing moments with Feng looking set to unleash the beast are a nice reminder of how scary this guy is meant to be when he's not just punching implausible lava balls out of the air.

Forest Law Forest takes his winnings and goes to Vegas with Paul for some gambling and nookie, enraging Marshall in the process because, dammit, he needed that money for another restaurant start-up that will ultimately fail. Or did something else happen?

Rumor: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Has More Characters Hidden On Disc

The kooky 'photo-puppet' animation fits both the slapstick comedy common to these characters, and the childishly simple but still important 'message' found at the end. By this point, I'm sure we've all accepted that Paul or Law endings will never be serious again, but at least this proves they can be silly as all hell and still say something. And Marshall's LOLcat-esque rage faces make me giggle. Ganryu How is it that the Tekken devs can get so much mileage out of Ganryu as a stalking creeper and still make him weirdly likable?

Maybe it's just because he's easily the world's least-effective stalker ever, and his ending continues on that theme, as the sumo-man just happens to be walking through the I guess Iron Fist Tournament locker rooms when Jaycee decides to go for a shower, and she just happens to have left her door open Ganryu's voice actor deserves some sort of bonus just for having to simulate the sound of getting a massive erection while in a recording booth, and the Lei Wulong cameo is perfect.

The only way this could be better was if Jaycee turned out to not be who Ganryu thought it was. Heihachi Mishima There seems to have been a concerted effort in recent years to slowly remove Heihachi from the spotlight of the Tekken series, at least when it comes to the story.

Sure, he's still there, and still popular, but the focus has shifted more toward Jin vs Kazuya, with Heihachi being the odd Mishima out, relegated to comedy skits where he launches people sometimes himself into space. It's played purely for laughs, acknowledging the ludicrousness of Heihachi's evil ambitions and reducing him to the kind of tongue-in-cheek bad guy that could be foiled by the Scooby-Doo gang.

Also, Jin's bike can apparently levitate thanks to weird scene progression. Having Lei turn up to stop the shenanigans was funny, though, and felt like a cute nod to the ending of fellow biker Paul in Tekken 3. Jack-6 You ever see Armageddon? Now imagine if it was only 1 minute long, free of the tiresome Michael Bay-isms or Ben Affleck man-tears, and was a Tekken tie-in. That's what this is. It's quite awesome, and also strangely melancholic - which seems to be a recurring trend with the robots in this game.

The one thing it doesn't have is some righteous Aerosmith on the soundtrack, but you can add that in yourself mentally. Jaycee More wrestl - wait, no, there's a plot this time.

After Jaycee beats up poor ol' King again, she retires to her locker room and the truth is revealed - she's actually Julia Chang! Of course you're not. We all heard about this wayyyy before the console version of this game was released.

Unfortunately, that basically sours this video, as it is literally just showing us the events that caused Julia to don the mask, events which we already knew about in advance. The scene itself has some nice music, but the overdone filter leaves the flashback scene looking washed-out and unpleasant, and there are no surprises or grace notes worth mentioning.

This is a really short ending, which is a surprise given that it's the 'Face of Tekken' we're talking about - although of course it's really just half an ending, with the Devil Jin video forming the other half. Unsatisfying on its own, though. Jinpachi Mishima The eldest Mishima returns from I'm guessing whoever came up with this one is a big Dragon Ball Z fan, since this is like every single episode of that anime I ever saw - two silly-haired musclebound guys staring at each other and making constipated faces while weird light flies around, until eventually one dies.

It's also just as interesting as a Dragon Ball episode, i. Jun Kazama The spirits of the forest are summoned to Jun, who does a little prayer dance as they all turn into starlight, and then she sort of turns into fairy dust and floats into space. I don't even know, alright? Like, Jun is dead but she's all around us, man.

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She is one with the Force now. Tch, what the hell, it's pretty much meaningless fluff that tells us nothing, but it fits Jun's earth mother persona, I guess. And Unknown, according to this game, is basically Bad Jun?

Well, either Kazuya does not approve of her new goo-themed wardrobe or he just thinks love is for wusses, because here he straight up sucks the life out of Junknown and uses it to turn into his Blood Vengeance Stage 2 Devil mode. It's unremarkable otherwise, with that Blood Vengeance design still looking like an over-busy eyesore and a slight sense of deja vu from Devil Jin's Tekken 5 ending. This is the last one, though. The art style is unchanged, although the moves are of course new, with King delivering a pretty sick mid-air piledriver on Jaycee that's no way to treat a lady!

I mean, c'mon, a crucifix? That's a pretty weak sauce finisher, you gotta admit Kuma Oh dear, Kuma's chasing tail again.

tekken tag 2 slim bob ending a relationship

The opening moments, with some schoolkids fooling around with Kuma under the impression it's a man in a suit, raise a smile, and then Kuma gets a look at Panda - or rather, Panda's butt. It actually feels like it's been a while since this 'romance' was the focus of a Kuma ending although it's a common fixture for Pandaand even though I do find this particular instance a little rape-y, at least the offending party gets what he deserves in the end.

Kunimitsu The girl ninja's quest for her old master's sword belatedly continues. I love the dusky colours and the filter used in this one, to make it look like it's being animated against weathered parchment, and the fight is animated brilliantly. On a character note, I do like that, even though it's her ending, Kunimitsu still doesn't beat Yoshimitsu in the battle, instead 'winning' through slight of hand trickery - and the note of amusement in Yoshi's voice as she makes her getaway is a nice, subtle hint that there's more than simple enmity between these two.

Kind of a shame that we likely won't see any more of this plot unfold, unless the devs can cook up a reason for Kuni to be both not dead and not aged a day in 20 years in time for the next canon game.

Lars Alexandersson A nice, cozy family evening for the renegade Tekken Force commander and his relatives Of course, it's 'all a dream', but since this is pure comedy territory it's not a disappointing revelation in the least.

I didn't much care for Lars in Tekken 6; his moveset was fun but his personality varied between dry and nonexistent; he never managed to shake off the stigma of being created purely because Jin couldn't be the protagonist in that game. Lee Chaolan Just another day at the office for Lee, trying to get in his secretary's pants while fending off attempted murders.

It's silly - like anyone expects different from Mr. Not sure what the pink filter is about, though, other than just to remind us that Lee is a camp dude. Er, don't think we needed the help there Lei Wulong Lei fights Forest I couldn't tell, really.

Either way, it's just here because wouldn't it be nice if Jackie Chan fought Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee didn't basically break Jackie Chan's neck in a cave in a matter of seconds that one time?

Nice animation work and the grainy 70s filter works very well, but like most Lei endings it leaves you with an 'is that it?

Not sure what more can be done to make this guy more intriguing, really. Leo Kleisen Wait, did they just In a tag game?! What madness is this?! Yes, Leo finally takes some damn initiative r. Because of course they keep their servers on a constantly moving train. Not to mention the tie-in to Steve's story forces Leo to be a bit more integrated with the rest of the roster, whilst before she felt disconnected and frivolous.

Top marks for this. Lili Hooray for my least-favourite character! Remove half of Lili's preening and reaction shots of Asuka's 'ARGH'-face and you'd trim the runtime by half without sacrificing narrative or entertainment value. I like that Lili speaks French now, so I can turn off the subtitles and pretend she's saying "I'm a vacuous bimbo" over and over again. See, I knew sleeping through French classes in high school would pay off one day!

Ling Xiaoyu No, this one isn't in French - it's just the pic I found had those subs on it. Anyway, Xiaoyu, Alisa, Miharu and Panda are at the fairground again and run away from some rain, then talk about getting older and still being friends. There's a meaning to it, yes, but it's the sort of meaning or theme that would have been better presented metaphorically through action - here, with it being told to us by what feels like stilted dialogue no human being or tin can pretending to be a human being would ever say, it's just clumsy and head-thumpingly obvious.

Not to mention this again feels like one of the longer endings, and due to the lack of action the runtime feels unwarranted. Still, it's twee enough to fit the character. Marshall Law Marshall does some sweet nunchaku moves like a big show-off; Forest tries to replicate and fails. One of the shorter endings and feeling like it, this is more in the 'one joke' fashion of endings from the Tekkens of old than the progressively more complex ones of recent years, but it's still kinda funny and the 70s filter again works wonders.

I have to ask, though - can somebody do something to make Marshall look older than Forest? Because the only real difference here is choice in outfit. I know some people didn't like the goatee Marshall picked up in Tekken 4, but if he still had it now it'd make things much less confusing.

Michelle Chang After finding her daughter's Jaycee mask in their apparently shared changing room, Michelle finds herself fascinated with the thing, leading to a family tag-team of epic destrucity! Ultimate Warrior FTW I know I've harped on about the wrestling endings but this one gets a pass as there's very little wrestling involved, a good amount of storytelling AND it's not a story we already knew.

Michelle's attitude with the mask on is pretty hilarious, too, but when Julia calls her 'mom' it kinda throws me. I know, it's a non-canon game, but there really is virtually no age difference between these two, since Michelle has apparently been updated based on her Tekken 2 age and physicality but with new dress sense.

It's just a little weird. Miguel Caballero Rojo After winning a random back-alley brawl, Miguel goes to straight-up beat one of the guys into a coma, but oh noes! He has a sister that looks like Miguel's dead sister and now Miguel's all confused! Nothing about this ending really changes that, and the fighting involved isn't stylish enough to recommend it purely for that.

Miharu Hirano Pervy camera angles aside, this one has Miharu and Xiaoyu, again, mostly talking about stuff rather than doing anything. The moments of closeness between the two - complete with cloying sentimental music because why not - would probably be more meaningful if Miharu was a recurring character in the series, not one who disappeared after Tekken 4.

Or maybe that's the point, that Xiaoyu's words are a stand-in for the Tekken devs, admitting that they perhaps should have kept Miharu around more to keep fans happy? I think I'll go with that, because otherwise this one is a total miss. Mokujin Mokujin gets a weird ending? Seriously though, as with Tekken 6, Mokujin's ending stands out through its art style, which is less animation and more a photo story, with CG renders of Mokujin and It's nice to see the offices of the devs this way, and Mokujin has the same natural comedic value we all know well by now.

Plus of course, the style alone lets it stand out from the crowd. Nina Williams Yeah, Nina gets a. It's my blog, I can do what I want. Anyway, this one shows Nina on a typical night's work, sniping some poor guy, screwing with G-Corp and dealing with Anna's unwanted interference.