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The Best Advice Snoop Dogg Ever Gave Kurupt with Kurupt about EDM, the reported Dogg Pound project with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, how. Bones is a American horror film directed by Ernest Dickerson and starring rapper Snoop After the incident, Pearl admits to Cynthia that Jimmy Bones is her father, as she had a relationship with him. wife Nancy (Lynda Boyd) watch him get dragged off by Jimmy, leaving nothing but a melted hole in the window. In the benevolent Jimmy Bones (Snoop Dogg) was the protector of his and towards the end of the film is a laid-back and mellow Snoop.

Four teens, Patrick Khalil Kainhis brother Bill Merwin Mondesirtheir white step-sister Tia Katharine Isabelle and their best friend Maurice Sean Amsingbuy the property and they want to renovate it as a nightclub. In the process, Tia finds a black dog who is actually the spiritual manifestation of Jimmy's tortured spirit. As the dog starts to eat, Jimmy is slowly resurrected. Patrick meets Pearl and her daughter Cynthia Bianca Lawson.

Patrick develops a romance with Cynthia.

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Patrick wanted to open a nightclub at the old rundown neighborhood in hopes of making the neighborhood great again, and also to make a profit. While exploring the basement, Patrick, Cynthia, Bill, Tia and Maurice find Jimmy Bones' body and they realize that he was actually murdered. Patrick, Cynthia, Bill, Tia and Maurice decide to keep Jimmy's murder quiet or they won't be able to open the nightclub and they bury the remains.

Later Jeremiah, who is Patrick and Bill's father as well as Tia's stepfather, finds out about Patrick and the gang's plan to open the club at Bones' old building. He freaks out and demands that Patrick and the others leave the building. Patrick, Bill and Tia refuse his request and open the nightclub, in spite of their father's objections. On opening night Maurice is lured into an upstairs room where he is mauled to death by the spiritual black dog.

Once he is fully resurrected, Jimmy sets the club on fire and is intent on getting revenge on those responsible for his death, those who betrayed him, and anyone who gets in his way.

Pearl's neighbor Shotgun tells her how they should have burned the building down a long time ago.

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After the incident, Pearl admits to Cynthia that Jimmy Bones is her father, as she had a relationship with him. Jimmy first confronts Shotgun and kills him as a way to release him of his troubled guilt he tried to maintain by becoming an alcoholic.

Patrick confronts his father Jeremiah and demands to know if he help murder Jimmy Bones twenty-two years earlier. His father admits he betrayed Jimmy Bones to make money to leave the neighborhood.

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Also, he got fed up living in Bones' shadow and he wanted to be as popular and successful as him. Jeremiah allowed drugs into the neighborhood as long he got paid for it. With Mack being one of the people who betrayed him, Jimmy confronts him after murdering Snowflake and stuffing her body in a trash bin.

Jimmy decapitates Mack and does the same to Lupovich, but keeps their heads alive to transport their souls. Pearl, knowing that Jeremiah is next, goes with Cynthia to his house to rescue him.

They ending up being too late. Jimmy brings Jeremiah back to the building, along with the heads of Lupovich and Mack. Bone Thugs stay touring. I know you had beef on record with Bone Thugs back in the day, but did you guys actually have contact with each other?

There was contact, baby. But God is good, luckily nobody got hurt. Kurupt Markpeaced You and Snoop met when you battled outside a club, right? In the end Domino won that one. So when we all got outside, waiting for our cars, represented was L. Why he got that big jacket on? What are you, LL Cool J? We might as well start rocking together. So then how did you get involved with Death Row and Suge Knight?

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There was a Death Row picnic in Calabasas, at a park near Dr. Suge said, "I heard you was tight. He said, "You Death Row. Dre was working on The Chronic at the time. What was it about the working atmosphere that helped make The Chronic so good? I think it was the love. We was like a family.


Everyone had their camps, but those camps combined. Dre, Suge and Snoop were the ringleaders. They took care of us, like older brothers.

What gave you the idea for it? He wanted me to write something.