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Carol Burnett met Tim Conway nearly five decades ago when she was a regular on the CBS musical-variety series "The Garry Moore Show". The Carol Burnett Show ran for 11 seasons and earned a handful of Emmy Awards in the process. . TIM CONWAY RARELY FOLLOWED HIS SCRIPT. Conway. CBS celebrates the 50th anniversary of Carol Burnett's classic, award-winning comedy series with. CREDIT: Tim Conway was a frequent guest and went on to become a regular in later seasons. . Mary Poppins quiz. × .. 15 Hottest Couple PDA Moments Of Justin & Hailey, Kylie & Travis & More.

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After pondering the offer over the weekend and consulting her mother and grandmother—who advised her to steer clear of the strange man who was probably involved in human trafficking or something worse—she took a chance and accepted his check. To her surprise, a seven-months-pregnant Burnett showed up at the pageant to cheer her on. When they were casting The Carol Burnett Show, the star remembered the teen and hired her despite her lack of experience.

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Lawrence recalled in her autobiography that Burnett was very nurturing to all her co-stars, making sure everyone got their share of the best jokes, but it was Harvey Korman who took her under his wing in the beginning and taught her about timing, dialects, and working with props.

She inquired if she could write a check.

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Burnett complied, prompting a security guard to kick open a nearby door, burst in and point his gun at her. Former encyclopedia salesman Lyle Waggoner landed the job not only due to his devastating good looks, but also because he had a good sense of humor about how pretty he was. Conway created the Mr. Burnett's famous ear tug had a special meaning. Every week, viewers watched Burnett tug at her ear lobe at the end of the show. The gesture wasn't a stage cue, but rather a message for her grandmother saying "Hello, I love you.

One famous designer had a lot of influence Bob Mackie is best known for designing dramatic and elegant gowns for celebrities like Cher and Liza Minnelli, but he also had a major part in some of the show's funniest moments.

Mackie was behind the idea of Burnett wearing the curtain rod dress with the drapes, making the moment infinitely more hilarious.

10 new things we learned about 'The Carol Burnett Show' from Carol Burnett's book

In fact, some consider the curtain rod dress his most famous creation. Mackie also found the dress for Eunice on "The Family" at a thrift store. Burnett's husband, Joe Hamilton, also influenced the program in a couple ways. Hamilton also served as an executive producer. Dick Van Dyke was a cast member. Over the span of eleven years, the show hardly ever heard from the network censor, Charlie Pettyjohn.

There was just one joke which was rewritten, very early on in the eighth episode. The skit centered around Harvey Korman interviewing a nudist, played by Carol, who stood covered behind a giant "Sunnydale Nudist Camp" sign, only her bare legs and shoulders showing. She replies, "We have a dance every night. They changed the punchline to "Cheek to cheek," which was fine. Her left ear is longer than her right ear. Each show, Carol would tug on her left ear as a signal of love to her grandmother, Nanny.

All that tugging might have had a slight physical effect. Burnett writes, "Years ago, a reporter from Life magazine measured my left ear, and it was one millimeter longer than my right ear. Jim Nabors, best known as Gomer Pyle, was a true friend of the show and a good luck charm who would guest host at the start of each season. Nabors wanted to have lunch with Burnett.

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She told him it was All My Children or no deal. The next day, Nabors showed up at noon, ready to catch up with the exploits of Erica Kane all over again.

She fired Harvey Korman — for a night. The two stars enjoyed a long, loving relationship, but it did get heated one week. At a point in the seventh season, Korman fell into a dark mood, snapping at guests Tim Conway and Petula Clark. Burnett took him aside.