The secret circle diana and grant meet

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the secret circle diana and grant meet

Adam/Cassie, Diana/Grant/ Faye/Jake, Melissa/OC I'm Cassie Blake, welcome to the Secret Circle. I served Melissa her "Nice to meet you. Plot: Fan made version of The Secret Circle Season 2. I gotta go Grant will be back any minu-" Diana said interrupted by Cassie. "Adam wants us to meet Cassie and him at the Abandoned House" both said at the same. The romantic reletionship between Diana Meade and Grant. Grant and Diana first met in the episode Lucky when Grant seems to have an interest on Diana and started to talk with her and Melissa. Later in the episode Diana finds out that her father, Charles killed Cassie's mother.

I don't know how happy you are right now with me but you need to know this. He was scared of you two together because you could overcome Cassie's powers. Everything you need is in the envelope. Just make a tea and add a drop of your blood. You two had something real. Go get it back.

I'll be back in town soon. Love you both, bye. He made us lose everything for a scam? I thought it worked on you so I never said anything. I love you, Cassie Blake. But you seemed so sure. Sure that I loved you and that I would never force you into anything if it meant risking your happiness. That included pretending that I didn't love you. I hadn't felt anything like it since our first time together.

The Secret Circle 1x19 - John Blackwell / Faye Cassie & Diana "You're my sister"

He had told me he wasn't afraid of me and that nothing could take him away. I kissed him back. I couldn't believe it. Cassie still loved me and nothing could come between us again. Not her father, not Jake, no one. Her arms went around my neck, pulling me willingly closer.

One leg lifted around my waist. God I had missed her. We'd only had one night, but it was the best night of my life. In the kitchen there were three guys and one girl, about fourteen to sixteen.

His face was worn and tired. The green eyed girl next to him nodded.

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Our other sister is just younger than me, Diana Meade. We could hear the video from here.

the secret circle diana and grant meet

Seems like Dad was a bit of an ass. Hey, I think I can talk to you like this. Don't mention you know what you know where. We barely know them.

the secret circle diana and grant meet

We shouldn't be too trusting. The whole their family went out the door with Dad. She chokes Adam with her mind.

Cassie wants Jake back in town, which stuns Diana because Jake is a witch hunter. Because Jane is away, Diana wants Cassie to stay with her. Because Cassie is staying with Diana, she meets Kate. For years he told Diana everything, and old habits are hard to break. Cassie tells Diana about Kate sensing her power. Cassie did not tell Kate about the circle. Diana tells Cassie that her grandmother is amazing and can be trusted, so Cas sie should do the ceremony in the woods with Kate.

Diana puts towels in the guest room f or Kate. One of the items Diana finds is mandrake root. Diana runs out of the room. Diana finds Adam and tells him about the mandrake root. Mandrake root kills witches.

Meanwhile, Diana and Adam arrive at the woods. Adam and Diana find Cassie. Cassie admits that she was scared; she had never felt so much fear. The fear flooded her body and erupted in a wave of power. It felt good to let the fear save her. She was scared by the power, but she liked it.

Diana then asks Cassie just how powerful is she to which she looks down the window. The pair playfully decide to use magic to change the color of Diana's dress, but thanks to Cassie's dark nature, the dress catches fire instead. Diana has made it clear that she is moving on. Like I should be doing. Cassie notices a symbol in the basement of the Abandoned House that she's seen in her Book of Shadows.

Diana and Grant

While she's talking about this with Diana and Melissa, she realizes there's a page missing from her book. She figures out that Faye must've taken it and calls her to demand it back.

Diana makes herself dance with a guy who isn't Adam, who later tells him how happy this made him and manipulates her into agreeing to give Cassie a pass to date him.

In MedallionDiana made a speech to celebrate Adam's birthday.

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After the party, Cassie tells the Circle about the medallion ritual. Faye is jealous and thus reluctant, but Diana is all for it, and Melissa — stoned — is up for anything.

When Melissa was "sick" by the Devil's Spirit, and instead of taking Faye's hand, she take Diana's head instead. In ReturnIn CrystalDiana helps the circle while she continues to struggle between helping them search for the crystal and her feelings for Grant. She tried to help Adam and Melissa by going into the mine but couldn't due the spell that keep witches with dark magic from entering.

She talked to Cassie about her leaving the circle so she can be with Grant.

Diana Meade

Diana told her about her trying to get into the mine but couldn't get in. Cassie figured out that Diana is the other Blackwell and her sister. In TraitorDiana struggles coping with the possibility John Blackwell could be her biological father. She confronts Charles with her concerns and was suprised to discover her mother's affair with John Blackwell which Charles was unaware of. Later, while trying to find the Chamberlain crystal which had earlier been stolen, she expresses her concern to Cassie about dark magic, stating her distaste for violence and her fear of becoming like Cassie herself.

Cassie reaffirms her that it doesn't feel good to kill but she does what has to be done, though Diana still persists in her efforts to prevent Cassie from killing, which she successfully manages to do before Cassie could stab the traitor witch but merely knocking him over. As they run towards the traitor witch he releases the crystal and they realize who he is, Nick.

While Cassie is at the school she sees her mother wanting to talk to Diana's mother, Elizabeth Meade. Cassie goes to Diana's house to try to convince her to go back in time to see if they can see more and see if they can see Diana's mother. Diana agrees to help Cassie.

Charles asks Diana if she is going to prom and gives her Elizabeth's necklace. Charles then gives Diana a ride to school. Dawn Chamberlain is outside waiting for Charles and they discuss over John. The circle is getting ready for prom. She tells Grant to meet her later after prom. John does a spell to make Charles think that Amelia's ghost is haunting him.

The circle arrives at prom. Diana and Cassie go back in the past and see their mothers. Amelia tries to warn Elizabeth not to go to the ferry and that she knows about Diana being the other Blackwell and warns her to get out of Chance Harbor with her family.

I gotta go Grant will be back any minu-" Diana said interrupted by Cassie. I was throwing up like ten minutes ago I wasn't like this last night" Cassie said while wiping her tears away.

It made things a little easier just hearing Diana's voice. Even though the Curse almost killed Jake the first time What if something happens to Faye or Melissa The Secret Circle "Ugh Jake! Last night she and Melissa had gotten a little too tipsy so Faye spent the night at Jakes. She liked being around Jake now, it made her a lot happier even though she would never admit that.

The sun was shining down on her face. She called out "Close! Jake was leaving his Grandpa a message on his phone. Jakes Grandpa had completely vanished after Blackwell was killed. Jake had no idea where he was, but he needed to know what exactly was in the vile his Grandpa sent him. Jake then grabbed his Book Of Shadows and remembered there was a spell somewhere in his book that revealed hidden truth.

He thought maybe if he was able to see what exactly the substance was then he would know what to do with it. He knew he would probably need Faye's help casting the spell as it would have a better chance if there was more power behind it. He knew Faye would be up for it since she liked doing anything involving magic. I do think about other things" Jake said. I wanna find out what's in this Vi-" Jake said cut off by Faye.

Faye loved magic but only liked it when she could use it on herself or other people, not what looked to be a vile of sand.

the secret circle diana and grant meet

I'll let you look through my family's Book of Shadows He knew Faye wouldn't say no that. Both Faye and Jake then chanted "Tum var scal tu a vercoris. Both then got ready and left Jakes house.