Soviet and american troops meet me halfway

American and Soviet troops meet at the River Elbe, April 25th [x] : HistoryPorn

soviet and american troops meet me halfway

April 25, Soviet and American troops meet at Torgau, Germany. From their bridgehead across the Oder River, Soviet forces launched a massive final. USSR's southern flank: the civil war in Greece; the crisis over Soviet troop withdrawals from 5 J. Hasanli, At the Dawn of the Cold War: The Soviet- American Crisis over Iranian Azerbaijan,. me with copies of his two articles. Soviet Union would 'meet them halfway' An exchange of friendly diplomatic. Ninth Army drove east and south, met the First Army point at Lippstadt Rarely do you see American soldiers in these towns. Advancing north from Frankfurt, Third Army cut into the future Soviet zone .. across the entrance the motto " Recht oder Unrecht, mein Vaterland" (Right or wrong, my Fatherland).

The military-industrial complex requires industrial enemies. And it is always hard to criticize results, regardless of the strategy. Today our biased and misguided policy is detrimental to legitimate foreign policy goals. The system only knows one enemy: Proponents of this strategy claim it deters Russia from even considering an attack. But does any sober assessment of Russian aims or strategy include a large-scale war in Europe?

Russia is authoritarian but not totalitarian and no longer pushing for the worldwide revolution of the proletariat. Neither land nor resources are good reasons for war. Yet all the branches of the military are rushing to execute this Cold War strategy. The Army recently placed orders for new Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. Russian military policy has had many recent successes: If the industrial juggernaut of the USSR never sent its tank columns through the Fulda Gap in Germany, why would Russia send them through a small desolate sliver of land on her border with Norway that lies just beneath the Arctic Circle?

soviet and american troops meet me halfway

What political end-state would be the goal of such a move? Even the average civilian can see the absurdity of a military attack through northern Scandinavia. But these reasonable and necessary questions are irrelevant and inconvenient. Russia is the enemy and everything follows from this premise.

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Or as Norwegian opposition party members plainly askedwhat exactly are Marines doing in Norway? Jeff Groom is a former Marine officer.

He is the author of American Cobra Pilot: He thought the four men waving a colored sheet were Germans playing a trick on the Soviet troops. He fired a red star shell, but did not receive a green one in return.


Sylvashko sent one of his soldiers, a man named Andreev, to meet Robertson, in the center of a bridge crossing the Elbe. They swore an oath, in memory of those who had not made it so far: Officers exchanged their service weapons.

soviet and american troops meet me halfway

Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev presented U. General Omar Bradley with his war horse, a magnificent Don stallion; Bradley presented Konev with the Legion of Merit — and also gave him a jeep.

soviet and american troops meet me halfway

Eisenhower the highest honor of the Soviet Union, the Order of Victory. Eisenhower gave Zhukov the Legion of Honor. The drink was colorless so that it would look like Zhukov was drinking vodka. This exchange of culture and customs was indicative of the spirit of the Meeting on the Elbe.

They understand the meaning of war. And if we could let them choose, there would be no war. Yes, you can doubt the spirit of Elbe. You can say that these are just dreams about the impossible.

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But I think that it is necessary to dream about the impossible. Only then will it become possible. A memorial in Arlington Cemetery in Washington also commemorates the spirit of Elbe.

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It is a bronze plaque, immortalizing the historic handshake between Soviet and American soldiers with an optimistic sign reading: With time, the memory of that powerful moment on the Elbe has faded, but it is necessary to preserve the recollections of that profound meeting. The film ends with the words of the two protagonists, a Soviet and an American: