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The blond's smirk widened as he said, "you're going to succeed this time because I'm going to help you. The first time it was funny, watching you fail so miserably that you actually ran home during lunch. The second time it was funny, the third it started getting old and now Therefore, I am going to help you confess to her! It was unfortunate for him that Uzumaki Naruto was the strongest person in school, even the P. Teacher wouldn't dare mess with him, especially after the last time he was humiliating in front of the entire student body by the whiskered male.

I have to get the timing right! That's half the reason you haven't been able to confess to Haruna-chan. Seriously, every time you feel the timing is right something bad happens. Which is exactly why I'm choosing the timing for you.

Now stop struggling, it will only make things that much harder for you. This resulted in him getting bodily dragged through out the school in front of the entire student population. It was fortunate for Rito that Naruto was the one dragging him, otherwise people might have made fun of the sixteen year old high school student. As it was, the blond that was effortlessly hauling him around cut an imposing enough figure that none of the male population dared to say anything against him.

They soon found Haruna with three of her friends. Without even thinking about it Naruto walked right up to the group and cut into their conversation.

He gave the group a smile, "I was wondering if you three could help me with something. Aside from being the most athletic and academic student in school, Naruto was also the most popular, especially with the girls in school.

His handsome features combined with his open and easy going attitude had drawn nearly all of the girls to him. The fact that almost every girl also seemed to have this strong urge to touch his whisker marks, all them claiming they were the cutest things they had ever seen, only added to his general appeal. This had led to many of the male students hating Naruto, though few would actually try and harm him. Rito was just glad that Haruna didn't seem to be affected by his looks and personality to any serious extent.

It was a typical response and Rito had gotten used to it by now. He didn't know why the girls called him 'Sama' but then, none of the other guys did.

Though there was much debate on the subject in truth, Rito didn't really care. Naruto pulled the three girls aside and huddled with them. I want you girls to help me take Haruna-chan and Rito to the equipment shed and lock them inside. It was an eerie form of synchronicity that only females could accomplish. For several seconds the three high school girls stood still, their face going red and their eyes glazing over as they imagined a date with the blond. One of the girls ended up getting a nose bleed and actually looked close to passing out.

In the end they agreed to help Naruto stating, "while we don't really like Yuuki-san, we'll agree to help since it's you asking. He rushed back over to Rito and Haruna, both of whom had been standing together awkwardly and smiled.

Hold on a moment! Where are you taking us! Naruto ignored the orange-haired teens shouting, along with the startled and frightened noises Haruna was making as they ran through the school was once again.

It wasn't long before they reached the equipment shed located on the opposite side of the school. Acting before Rito could even gain his bearings, Naruto threw both him and his crush into the shed, closed and locked the door.

He tried opening it, even going so far as to place both his feet on the wall in an effort to get some leverage. Yet no matter how hard he tried the door would not budge. I can't do it like this! You need to let me out! That, or he had already left which wouldn't surprise Rito one bit.

Sighing the orange-haired high schooler dropped to the floor and wondered what he should do next. As he did a small piece of paper fell out of the inside of his blazer. Curiously, he picked it up and uncrumbled the sheet.

On it was the neat handwriting that he recognized as Naruto's. By now I'm sure you've noticed that the door to the room is locked. I've also taken the liberty of barring the windows.

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I regret that it has come to this, but until you confess to Haruna I won't let you out. That said, there is food located in a fridge that I have hidden behind the basketball storage bins in the corner. Since I don't know how long it will take until you confess, I figured you might need something to keep you satiate. Rito felt his eyes twitching as he stared at the letter. And now I'm stuck here with Ha He was alone with Haruna. If I get out of this alive I'll have to thank Naruto for being so nosy!

Turning, he found Haruna standing not three feet away from him. She was looking down at the ground, her eyes occasionally moving up to meet his, only to look away a few seconds later.

Now is your chance! You can't screw this up! Gulping he tried again, "I She looked slightly concerned because of how much Rito was stuttering. Were said male more attentive he might have noticed. As it was he was so busy trying to get the words out that he couldn't even think straight, much less notice the small nuances that dictated female behavior and emotions.

You can do this, Rito! Said girl's eyes widened as she took a step back. Not seeing the action, Rito continued. And I was hoping I was hoping you would go out with me! He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, beating nearly two thousand miles a minute. It felt like it was attempting to beat its way out of him it was going so fast. His nerves were beginning to fray as the silence continued. Maybe he shouldn't have confessed to her.

What if she didn't like him? What if she thought he was weird? Or some kind of loser? She could think he wasn't worth her time and tell him that she didn't want anything to do with him. Said girl blushed as she looked down at her feet. I've always liked you. Haruna had always liked him? Why hadn't he known this? Unknowing of his inner thoughts, Haruna continued.

You were always taking care of the plants after school, making sure they were watered. Most people forget about watering the plants after school, but you never failed to tend to them. That's why I admire Yuuki-kun a lot.

Haruna looked away, looked back, nodded once, then looked away again. Still wanting to be sure she liked him he said, "then, will you go out with me? Unbeknownst to them, one blond haired, blue eyed male was hidden amongst the equipment. He looked at them with a smile before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Several Miles outside of school Uzumaki Naruto stopped walking as the memories of his clone hit him. He looked back at the school, a small smile playing on his face. A rueful chuckled escaped his lips.

As he did his eyes took in the city he was currently living in. While Tokyo had been the center of Japan for a long time, it always amazed the blond how much it had changed in the past one hundred years.

When last he had been in the city — somewhere around one to one hundred and fifty years ago — it had been a decent sized city with closely spaced buildings and shops. Now it was a large it was a bustling metropolis of large, towering sky scrapers, crisscrossing high ways, and heavily populated suburban areas. The place Naruto was living in at the moment was one of the less populated housing districts on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Far enough away that he wasn't hemmed in by the crushing population of the big city, but close enough that it would only take a two hour train ride to reach the center. The district he was living in was a nice, albeit plain residential area.

The houses were all the same, standard two story buildings with a slanted roof, a balcony and a small backyard. There were only small differences to distinguish one house from another, those being the tiny altercations made by the people who lived there. A variation in a persons garden here, a small flag hung up on a roof there, diminutive yet significant contrasts that allowed Naruto to tell who lived where. His own house was located on a corner, in fact he lived right next door to Rito Yuuki.

That was actually how they had become friends, him living so close to the nice yet clumsy teen had ensured that the young man would be the first person Naruto met. And having seen the kid and how horrible his luck was in many areas, the blond had decided to more or less take Rito under his wing.

Even if that was sometimes more of an occupational hazard then a privileged position. I should probably inform Mika-chan that her brother isn't going to be coming home any time soon. Stopping at the entrance he rang the door bell, then crossed his arms and leaned against the wall while he waited. The sound of foot steps resounded from behind the door. A few seconds later the front door opened and Yuuki Mikan's head peaked out from the crack.

Yuuki Mikan was a cute twelve year old girl with brown eyes and long brown hair that was standardly done up in a slight pony tail that made the back-top part of her head look like a pineapple. The hair that she didn't catch in her ponytail, which was quite a lot, was let down to flow behind her back, stopping at mid-back. She was wearing a pair of short jeans that stopped at mid thigh, and an orange sweat shirt with a yellow undershirt.

Despite her young age she was already beginning to develop a womanly figure, and Naruto knew when she got older that Rito would have his hands full trying to keep men away from his younger sister. The minute the girl saw him she swung the door open the rest of the way and rushed forward, smashed into his torso, engulfing him in a hug as she shouted. When he had first moved in and met and befriended Rito, he had been invited over to the orange-haired teens house.

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It was there he had met Mika for the first time. At first, things had been very awkward for the blond and Rito as the young girl seemed to have developed one of those 'love at first sight' crushes on him.

It was not the first time such a thing had happened when Naruto met the younger or older sister of a person he became friends with. He even remembered one case in England when he had been posing as a college student and met with a friends mother.

The woman had been a thirty-something year old widow with her husband dying in World War II and when she had met him had done her best to seduce him. It hadn't worked and Naruto thankfully managed to leave the country after faking his death. Since then he had been careful on how he reacted when meeting new girls.

High School and Aliens

Thankfully the girls crush only lasted for a month and since then Naruto had been something of a second older brother, or the older brother she always wanted if one went by Mikan's words. This of course was a point of contention and much teasing between the three of them. Mikan would always complain that Rito was an unreliable and useless brother, while Naruto would tease Rito about being cooler then him and Mikan about having a crush on her second 'onii-chan'.

Rito would always end up skulking in a corner with a rain cloud over his head and Mikan would blush up a storm. They were fun times in Naruto's opinion.

He would be sad when he was forced to leave this place. Mikan looked at Naruto suspiciously. Just locked your brother in a gym equipment locker room with Haruna-chan. They won't be able to open the door for another I figured that would be enough time for him to finally man up and confess. She shook her head and sighed. I swear he's useless when it comes to women It's only natural that it would take some time getting his cool factor up to snuff, that, and several pushes in the right direction.

It's Monday so normally you would stay with us for dinner, right? Who knows what kind of things you might try and do to me if we were all-a-lone. Mikan blushed harder and shoved his hand off, making him smile. Naruto walked over to his house, unlocked the door and stepped inside. He made his way into the kitchen, walking over to his pantry and opened it. Inside were several hundred boxes of instant ramen. They filled the entire pantry, covering every square inch. Even after thousands of years his love of ramen had not diminished, and despite being capable of cooking other foods, ramen would always remain his number one favorite.

Hence the reason he had what had been lovingly dubbed "the ramen pantry" by him. Besides that, cup ramen was small and unfilling. He only ate instant ramen when he didn't feel like cooking his own meals.

Ripping the tops off Naruto poured water into each cup and placed one of them in the microwave. He waited the three minutes it took to make the ramen, complaining the whole time. You'd think that after three thousand years someone would find a way to make instant ramen truly instant. Maybe I should that He quickly opened the door, took the ramen out, placed another one in, started the timer again, then began eating the already made ramen.

This act was completed several times as he would eat his ramen, while waiting for the other ramen he had in the microwave being made. When the blond was done he threw the cups away and headed upstairs. He entered the bathroom not long after, stripped out of his clothes and folded them up before putting them in a basket.

After walking into the room on the opposite side of the changing room, he went over to the tub and turned on the water. There was a slight glow on the faucet as the seals began working, heating up the water in the bathtub quicker then it would normally.

While waiting for the tub to finish filling up Naruto used the shower head to wash himself off. As he cleaned up he let his mind wander. His thoughts took him to the past, a place they usually went when he let them. He had lived a long life, due to a combination of his Uzumaki heritage, his abilities as a sage and an all powerful, world destroying demon sealed inside of his gut, he had gained what many would be madmen dreamed of.

However, while someone like Orochimaru would have orgasmed at the thought of being an all powerful immortal, to Naruto it was more of a curse then anything else. His life had been filled with being alone. Even when he was with the friends he made in whatever century he was living in the feeling never really left.

It only stayed it's hand for a time. The male population at school with the soul exception of Rito hated him due to the fact that so many of the girls swooned over him, yet he refused to date a single one of them. Not to say he hadn't gone on dates, but he always felt there was difference between going on a date, and dating someone.

He switched off the water, both to the tub and the shower head before sinking himself into the steaming liquid. A sigh escaped the blonds lips, "even if I were to get a girlfriend it would never last, would it?

Eventually I would be forced to leave before people discovered I was immortal. I wonder how all of the friends I made would feel if they knew my secret. He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew there was a bright flash of blue light coming from the water. An explosion caused the water in his tub to shoot into the air, and Naruto was so surprised by the sudden and unprecedented attack that the old and disused ninja instincts he had long since had were unable to actually prevent him from doing anything other then throwing his hands out in order to protect himself.

In doing this the first thing Naruto's hands were not any kind of painful attacks, not the sting of some form of weapon or the burning or cutting of a jutsu. No, the moment his hands went out to ward off whatever attack was coming his way were a pair of well defined and large breasts.

Naruto opened his eyes, which had closed during his attempt to shield himself from what he had assumed was an attack on his person. He blinked several times when he saw his hands groping a set of beautiful breasts.

They were large, if Naruto had to guess he would say they had a total circumference of eighty-nine centimeters. Yet despite being completely free of the confines of a bra they didn't sag. Almost in a trance Naruto moved his hands along the silky skin, they moved away from the center and he got a good look at the nipples that dotted the center.

The aerola was a light shade of pink, with the nipple being only one tone darker in color. Still surprised, Naruto's hands moved on instinct, his thumb and forefinger light pinching the nipple and giving them a tweak. A slight moan from the female he was touching brought his mind back into the focus. He looked up and found his breath hitching in his throat. Nestled in between his legs was a highly attractive teenage girl with long bubble gum pink hair, emerald green eyes, and a curvacious, almost perfect, hour glass figure.

Her most distinguishing feature was the tail which extends down from the base of her back. It was was long, thin, and ended with a heart-shaped tip.

It seemed to move behind her at random, and Naruto couldn't help but wonder if it was real or not. She reminded him of Sakura, a much hotter Sakura with a larger chest and wider hips but the green eyes and pink hair was almost identical to those of the girl that had been his first crush. The memories seeing this girl brought back were almost physically painful, and it took an effort of will to push them back.

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He blinked as the girls eyes focused on him, and for a single, solitary second the blond's old fear of women — one that was ironically enough brought about by his first crush — came back and he was almost sure this girl would attempt to beat him within an inch to his life despite the fact that she was the one who had randomly appeared within his tub naked. She did none of those things, instead smiling as she said, "hello.

It took a few moments to get his vocal chords to respond, and when they finally did he said, "hello. He was still having trouble processing the fact that some random hot female with a tail had appeared in his bathtub naked. She got another nod in response as Naruto's brain finally fully rebooted. He decided to ignore the fact that she was an alien for now, he would deal with it later.

Looking at the naked girl in his tub for a moment he computed the best course of action to take in a situation like this.

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Thankfully, living for three thousand years had more or less desensitized him to most of the situations life could throw at him. Standing up Naruto unplugged the drain to the tub and stepped out. The girls eyes followed him as he grabbed two towels, walked back over to her and held out the second one to her. Oddly enough she didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that she was naked, nor the fact that she had just been groped by Naruto.

She simply wrapped the towel around her body and stepped out of the tub. What followed were several long minutes of silence as Naruto led Lala to the living room and had her sit down. He then went into the kitchen and selected some tea, an herbal tea that he had created from the garden he had out back. Hopefully it would help him keep calm because despite the fact that he had seen much in his life, the events of a few minutes ago still had him somewhat shell shocked.

When the tea he was finished he poured the steaming liquid into a pair of cups, grabbed them and walked back into the living room. There he found Lala sitting on the couch, a cheerful and inquisitive expression on her face as she looked around the room. Her tail was wagging behind her in a fashion that almost seemed to mirror the look on her face. He received a thank you and took a seat on the chair to the left of the couch.

Taking a sip of his tea Naruto sighed as he felt a slight wave of heat moved down his throat, then encompassing his whole body as the soothing herbs relaxed his mind and muscles. It seemed to have a similar, possibly even more pronounced affect on Lala.

As soon as she took a sip her entire body seemed to sag as a groan escaped her lips. My name is Uzumaki Naruto. Normally a girl would wait at least a day before calling him that, though the girls in his class this century seemed to prefer calling him Naruto-Sama.

He shook the thought off as irrelevant and continued. I hope you don't mind me asking about why or perhaps how you suddenly appeared in my bathtub? The thing looked like a silver creature bracelet. It had a center piece that looked like some kind of alien creature with a heart shaped head that held a pair of red eyes, connected to a heart shaped body that was attached to a tail by a pair of claws on either side.

It was a very odd looking device, and not something Naruto had ever seen. Given that it was apparently an alien artifact he wasn't all that surprised. Lala continued her explanation of the device as Naruto looked it over.

It's randomized so you don't actually know where you'll warp too however. I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's some kind of last ditch escape device, used only in dire circumstances. He frowned as another thought occurred to him. Well, it only warps living things, so objects like clothes And you say you built it?

It was so innocent and infectious that Naruto actually found himself smiling as well. He couldn't really say whether he was pleased or displeased with this situation, but if nothing else this girl had just helped him cure several thousand years worth of boredom.

Naruto narrowed his eyes a little but didn't speak, letting her continue unabated. But the pursuers came and my ship was broken down.

I was almost captured and brought back. He took in a deep breath and blew it out before deciding on his course of action. But I will help you out while you stay here. He would have said more but before he could speak again, Lala had launched herself at him, knocking him to the ground as she held him in a fierce hug.

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In her enthusiasm the towel she had been wearing fell off, and Naruto was forced to take a deep, shuddering breath as he felt her nipples rubbing themselves against his still bare chest. The skin on skin contact reminded him that neither of them were dressed in anything more then towels, and Lala was now in less. Pushing his admittedly lewd thoughts to the far reaches of his mind, Naruto brought himself into a sitting position and did what he could to pry the girl off.

She had a surprisingly strong grip, and he was actually forced to reinforce his muscles with chakra, something he hadn't done for a long time, in order to get her off of him. He stood up and had to re wrap his towel as it threatened to come off. He held his hand out to Lala, which was taken by said girl as he pulled her to her feet. He was just about to suggest they move upstairs so they could get dressed when the door behind him opened.

Spinning around the blond was just about to attack whoever had broken into his house when his eyes spotted an odd looking creature with black bat-like wings and swirly eyes fly past him.

So then I take it Peke can transform into Peke, do your thing! Naruto watched in interest as the little robot seemed to burst and transform into what looked like some kind of rope that surrounded Lala.

It wrapped itself around her legs, then her rear end — Naruto actually gulped when it tightened around her shapely ass, an action which was repeated when it did the same thing to her breasts.

There were several flashes of light as the ropes seemingly transformed themselves into clothing. Really, Lala's 'clothing' looked more like a female shaped, life sized version of Peke. Though Naruto had to admit she looked very cute, and her outfit seemed to suit her. Several of the character customization options available: Also, it has a big furry community. Dota 2 currently active Genre: Item Mall Dota is a competitive game of action and strategy, played both professionally and casually by millions of passionate fans worldwide.

Players pick from a pool of over a hundred heroes, forming two teams of five players. Radiant heroes then battle their Dire counterparts to control a gorgeous fantasy landscape.

Originating as a fan-made Warcraft 3 modification, Dota was an instant underground hit. After coming to Valve, the original community developers have bridged the gap to a more inclusive audience, so that the rest of the world can experience the same core gameplay.

Several of the available heroes are furry, like: Tusk, Slark, Magnus, and Bounty Hunter. Earth Eternal down Genre: First announced on January 10,it was released for Open Beta on Oct. It was free to play with additional pay for bonuses. The game takes place in the future, after modern human civilization has fallen and been replaced with a civilization of anthropomorphic animal races.

In the game's world, humanity was preceded on Earth by a series of magical civilizations. Each of the 22 races was a furry. Final Fantasy XI currently active Genre: Retail, Subscription The world of Vana'diel stands at the brink of war. Three powerful nations, united in their plight against the beastmen forces look up to their last hope - brave adventurers like you! Will the beastmen gain the upper hand, and thrust the once-peaceful Vana'diel into another war?

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