Gh robin and patrick meet

gh robin and patrick meet

Sweet scenes as a ghostly Robin visits Patrick in the Luke goes to Switzerland meets Dr. Obrecht, and rescues Anna. On Halloween, she visits GH in her disguise and talks to Emma. General hospital 12/07/ Robin Patrick Jason Sam Carly. by imamericangirl. The day after Robin and Patrick meet General Hospital - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 4 Patrick and Robin have been best friends since the age of five, shows their relationship What happens when her pasts meets her present.

What will she do now? Sorry for the delayed update! The beginning for the couples! One shot to the song Kisses Dont Lie by Rihanna! Read and review please! Let me know what you think! D General Hospital - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Read and Review please!

Last 3 Chapters new! Now she must get a job as a nanny of a nine month old boy but she doesnt have the slighest clue about kids. What will she do? The Boys have a night and ends not so well! Now they must fight their attraction but will all give in when they find out the sister is cheating on the fiance? NiCo, Nem, Zem with some other characters later! Hidden Identities by babiiechica2oo8 reviews Three months pregnant and she left her abusive fiance.

Now in Port Charles she meets people who have more too them and more of a connection to her then she knows. Who's working for her ex and who can she really trust? Shes in Paris as a graduation present. What happens when she falls for the guy across the hall but doesnt know he's a prince. What will happen when she finds out?

Almost four years later with out any contact at all they come face to face in the most unexpected way and she has a secret he doesnt know about! Robin becomes pregnant but denies that Patrick is the father and leads him to believe she used a sperm bank. He leaves her flowers on Valentine's Day. Robin finally admits to Patrick that he is the father of her baby. They begin growing closer as he becomes protective over her and watches her mood swings and cravings.

Anna comes to visit and reels to learn she is going to become a grandmother. Robin begins her video blog about being pregnant, and Patrick responds with his own video blog. He becomes very protective of her when she is confined to bed rest for a few days. Anna returns to town and learns she is going to be a grandma.

Curlyqgrl's Kimberly McCullough "Robin Scorpio" DVDS

Robin continues to keep Patrick at arms length and he sues for visitation rights of his unborn baby and Anna shocks Robin by taking his side! Patrick finally gets through to Robin that his commitment and love for her and the baby is genuine.

Robin and Patrick get a sonogram done and find out their baby is a girl. Patrick asks Robin to marry him over the PA system but she turns him down. Robin changes her mind seeing Sonny's agony after Kate is shot, and Robin then proposes to Patrick who turns her down! They finally both agree and Maxie takes over wedding planning. Their friends through a baby shower at Jake's. Everyone gathers at the church, the bride is ready and waiting but the groom is nowhere to be found.

Everyone wonders where Patrick is, thinking perhaps he has gotten cold feet, he is in emergency surgery. I included all of Robin and all of Patrick's scenes.

There are tense moments as Robin gives birth to baby Emma and then crashes. Patrick desperately tries to stop an operation when he learns the patient is containminated by poison. He is too late as Matt and Leyla are exposed. Leyla dies as Patrick tries to revive her.

When Emma has a high fever, Robin takes her out in the blizzard to try get her to the hospital and gets stranded and attempts to trudge through the snow to get help. The OR explodes and General Hopsital is on fire.

Robin stays behind to help with the hospital evacuation and asks Maxie and Johnny to take Emma to Mercy for treatment.

I included all of Robin's and all of Patrick's scenes, as well as all of Anna and all of Robert's return. The staff celebrates the opening of the new GH. Robin takes off Rochester on a whim. She returns home and goes back to work though continues to be in denial about the depression.

Afterwards, Carly waits anxiously for word of any sign of improvement as Patrick monitors his condition. Robin begins a group session for moms with postpartum depression. I included every Robin scene and every Patrick scene during this time frame.

Some cute family bonding time, especially loved the picnic, and the Karokee scenes were great! Next, they begin investigating Mayor Floyd and his wife for murder. This concludes during the Carnival as Andrea poisions Edward and he winds up crashing his car and kills her! Robin determines he was drugged and clears him of being responsible for the terrible accident.

Robin surprises Patrick dressed as a sexy space alien. She responds by taking Carly hostage at gunpoint. Robin leaves for a three week trip to Africa, during which time Patrick sleeps with his ex-girlfriend, Lisa.

Robin returns and Lisa makes Patrick squirm with her suggestive comments. Best part of the edit is Robin punching Lisa in the face and calling her a psycho bitch and threathens to kill her, unfortunately in front of witnesses and Robin is suspended. Robin moves in with her uncle Mac. Robin and Patrick work together to make Lisa think her plan is working, but Lisa overhears the plan. Her next move is to order strong tranquilzers, drug and kidnap Robin, and leave her in a well. A hallucinating Robin has a conversation with Stone, Patrick rescues her.

Lisa is sent to Shadybrook for about two seconds, the GH staff is shocked when she returns so soon. Meanwhile, Robin ends her marriage with Patrick and reunites with Brenda.

gh robin and patrick meet

The Scorpio residence goes up in flames with Robin and Emma trapped inside and suddenly Lisa appears on the scene. It is determined the fire was accidental, but Robin is not assured when she wakes to find Lisa looming over her holding a syringe. She screams and has dreams of being locked up in a looney bin. Lisa passes off the syringe to Johnny, he later blackmails her into treating a gunshot wound.

Robin and Patrick reminisce about their own wedding, Robin tells him that she still loves him and has no regrets. Robin blames herself for supporting the wedding, Patrick assures her that they loved each other and it was their choice. Patrick and Robin rush to GH to help treat Sam, who is temporarily deaf. Brenda is rushed to GH next after she is rescued.

Theo is revealed to be the Balkan. Maxie learns about Johnny blackmailing Lisa over the syringe, she tells Robin and Patrick who are then caught by Johnny breaking into his place to search. He then sets up a treasure hunt for Lisa and Robin to try to locate the hidden syringe.

Robin follows clues and finds the syringe on the Haunted Star. She leaves with Lisa closely tailing her. Patrick goes home with Robin that night, bearing Chinese food. They get back together and he moves home, cute scenes with the Drake family reunited. Lisa tries to kill Robin and set Patrick up for her murder.

But this time they are a step ahead of her and Mac is there to arrest Lisa. Lisa escapes and takes hostages at GH and shoots Spinelli. The staff are rescued and in the aftermath, Robin becomes interim Chief of Staff.

Robin tells Patrick he's off the hook/Robin's first sonogram

Sonny finds him there and confronts him, shooting Robin in the process. Jason is in a car accident, he wakes up at GH but then suddenly collapses. Robin diagnosis his condition, then argues with Patrick over how to best treat him. Patrick performs brain surgery on Jason to remove a piece of the dashboard of AJ's car. Robin is knocked out and when she comes to Lisa is dead, murdered.

Patrick gives Robin a deed to a plot of land to build their dream house. Robin asks Jason to help her disappear and she asks Liz to help Patrick with Emma. Finally while she is gone, Liz fills him in. Robin soon returns from her real trip to Seattle for her third drug protocol, the initial results of the study is promising and she now has hope for the future.

Carly sneaks in and tells him about her death. Robin is shown alive laying in a hospital bed! Comes to light that Maxie was covering for Matt, who killed Lisa in a drunken stupor and she is released. Robin is shown being held captive. Anna flashes back to Heather telling her Robin is alive. Anna heads to search Ferncliffe, then heads to Switzerland looking for Robin. Luke goes to Switzerland meets Dr. Obrecht, and rescues Anna. Water poisioning storyline, Sabrina and Britt both arrive in PC.

Sabrina begins talking to other hospital staff and asking about the NB. Duke returns from the dead, Robert returns and quickly clues into Duke is actually Faison which leads up to a big showdown. Real Duke is seen being held captive. A captive Robin makes appearences on both dvds.

Again, I included a bit to follow that Faison is holding Robin captive and he is holding real Duke captive and what his motivations are to get Anna back. Robert finally finds his daughter alive but is soon injected with a toxin that puts him in a coma. She is cleared of these charges, then she is set up to have cheated on the nursing school exam.

She is then cleared of those charges and is able to graduate! She finally tells Patrick her feelings for him. Noah Drake returns to town for the ball. I included all of the NB musical performances as well. I did not include all of the Britt with Maxie, Dante, Lulu just enough to establish the surrogacy storyline. She has faked her test results to show she is sick which requires bed rest.

Obrecht is her mother and works for Faison. Britt meets Prince Nik and she goes to live at Wyndemere. Sabrina arrives to confront Britt, she goes into labor and Sabrina helps deliver the baby.

Her ex-boyfriend, Carlos, arrives in town. The edit ends as Jerry returns and is shown to be holding Robin captive to work on a cure for his radioactive isotope poisioning. He mentions giving her a dvd of the NB so felt it was important to include those scenes.

Robert has woken up and tells Anna that he saw Robin and she is alive! Robin comes up with a cure but it is all used on Luke after he is injected with the virus. On Halloween, she visits GH in her disguise and talks to Emma. Patrick proposes to Sabrina, Duke is taken captive in the catacombs of Wyndemere, Luke shows up at Wyndemere and is shocked to see Robin is alive.

Patrick has not yet seen that Robin is alive, as he is about to marry Sabrina. Anna determines that Faison will not be allowed to torture her family and kills him. Robin arrives at the church just as Patrick is marrying Sabrina. They finally reunited and wake up together on Christmas morning as a family. Patrick tells Robin that he has never been happier.

On New Years Eve, Emma remarries them. So awesome to see them happy together. Love how they reconnected her with those she was close to on the show. So this dvd is more focused on Scrubs together. Sabrina finally tells Patrick that he is the father of her baby. Victor Cassidine arrives in town and tells Robin that Jason is alive and in cryogenic sleep like Stavros had been.

gh robin and patrick meet

Later she tells Patrick that she has to leave town to help Jason. Dvd 21C 1 hr dvd Robin says her goodbyes to Anna. All too soon, after saying her goodbyes, Robin leaves town in early March. Patrick calls Robin in early May and Robin is seen. Victor threatens to kill Jason, but he is seen coming back to life as he hand extends up above the cryo chamber where he had been frozen.

Robin then returns in Nov, Patrick calls to tell her that Jason is alive.