Cosima and delphine first meet

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cosima and delphine first meet

Delphine starts to panic, thinking Cosima is aware of her monitor duties. But before she can respond Cosima leans in for a kiss. Delphine is surprised at first. Cosima and Delphine — “Cophine” to the shippers — are the most . so she'd be allowed to leave to go to Geneva to meet Felix (again, just go with it). The Clones Rally For War in First Trailer for Orphan Black 's Final. This Pin was discovered by Jacqueline Yeo. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

cosima and delphine first meet

Leekie chats with Cosima and Delphine and tells them to have a look at Dyad. Cosima steals two bottles of wine and her and Delphine run across campus, holding hands. Cosima tells Delphine that she is going to get her so baked one day. Delphine kisses her on each cheek and leaves. Cosima says that this is different than Alison and Donnie as she's the one monitoring Delphine. Later, Sarah phones Cosima to tell her Helena's back.

Cosima asks if Sarah knows Dr. Leekie, saying he's the poster boy for Neolution. Sarah tells her that Olivier owns a club called Neolution. Cosima tells Sarah that she went with Delphine to one of Leekie's lectures causing them fight and hang up.

cosima and delphine first meet

Delphine arrives at Cosima's apartment and she's not ready telling her, "I'm kind of always late, though, so, kind of always sorry". They go to dinner and Delphine tells her she should have left her boyfriend when she left Paris and that she was the one who stopped him joining her.

Cosima says "You're the asshole? Leekie to join them, with Cosima unimpressed. Cosima uncovers Delphine and says she feels betrayed by Delphine. Dr Leekie approaches Cosima and offers her a job at Dyad Institute along with her complete genome sequence. She arrives at Felix's place where she's coughing up blood. Delphine arrives shortly after and tells her that the genome Leekie gave is not complete, the marker is scrubbed out.

With the help of Delphine she manages to decode her marker. It is actually a patent with the sentence "This organism and derivative genetic material is restricted intellectual property" written in DNA. Season 2 Season 3 In the Season 3 premiereCosima is living in Felix's loft and appears to be healthier. She speaks to Kira about her dream from the Season 2 finale and her "coming back" to Kira. Their conversation is interrupted by Delphine, who tells Cosima that she is taking over some of Rachel's duties at Dyad, effectively putting her in charge.

She also breaks up with Cosima, and tells her that she is keeping her promise to love and care for each Leda clone equally. She tasks Cosima with finding a cure for herself and her sisters, before tearfully leaving the loft. Later that day, Scott comes to perform a checkup. Moreau while telling him to keep the information secret until they can both decipher the information.

In " Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis ", Scott is still performing regular checkups on Cosima's condition and is surprised by her significantly improved test results.

Delphine Cormier

Both he and Cosima are unable to explain her sudden improved health though Cosima begins to explore potentially spiritual explanations. Back at Dyad, Cosima and Scott meet with Dr. They discuss Rudy 's escape from Marion Bowles' basement as well as the lost Leda genome. Nealon informs them of the origins of Project Castor and Leda as well as the impossibility of finding the original tissue donors, whose records were falsified and destroyed by both Susan and Ethan Duncan.

Later, Cosima helps Sarah by researching the mythology of Castor, the warrior horsemen, thereby associating the Project Castor clones as, "the perfect ghost soldiers". She also tells Sarah to speak with Siobhan so that they can find Paul and ultimately Helena. Season 4 Season 5 Personality and traits Cosima is an eccentric, queer, tattooed geek girl with a scientific mind verging on genius. She's dependable, incredibly caring, brave, driven to find answers and, like Sarah, adaptable to extreme circumstances.

She also tends to diverge on scientific topics and can talk relatively fast when she gets excited. Physical appearance Cosima usually wears her hair in intricate dreadlocks.

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In addition to her tattoo, Cosima also has a nose ring. According to Felix, Cosima has bigger breasts than Sarah and is apparently more attractive. Trivia Her tag number, the number that identifies her among the clones, is b Her IQ is Her laptop is covered with a laptop skin designed with multi-colored DNA strands and carbon rings. The reason that Cosima wears glasses and her clones do not is due to the fact that her sight degenerated due to her environment and conditions.

She just studies too much. Assigned to get close to Cosimashe posed as an immunology student at the University of Minnesota. Delphine, however, fell in love with Cosima and began helping her learn more about her nature.

Contents Biography History Delphine worked with Dr. Leekie and a group of other scientists at The Dyad Institute, researching and further improving their concept of Neolution. At some point, Delphine developed an intimate relationship with Leekie, though it is indicated that Delphine was uncomfortable with it.

Season 1 While studying the blood samples of her clonesCosima notices Delphine upset with someone on the phone and watches her momentarily until Delphine leaves.

Cosima then follows her to return the grade sheet she had left behind and finds her crying. Cosima compliments her on having "killer grades", and the schoolmates properly introduce each other. Delphine says she plans on attending a lecture by Dr Aldous Leekie later the afternoon and she invites Cosima to join her.

Although initially hesitant, Cosima agrees to attend. After the lecture Cosima and Delphine are enjoying wine while discussing Neolution, Delphine spots Leekie and rushes over to talk to him. She urges Cosima to join her. What follows is a tense conversation and an invitation by Leekie for the two women to learn more about the Dyad Institute.

Cosima Niehaus

After he leaves, Delphine tells Cosima "You are such a brat! She hands a bottle to Delphine and says "Let's get out of here.

cosima and delphine first meet

She bids farewell with two kisses on the cheek. Cosima is obviously very taken with Delphine. Later in this episode Delphine enters a hotel room, dressed to the nines. A man approaches her from inside the room, speaking in French.

The man is revealed to be Dr. Leekie, who then starts kissing her neck. She explains "I should have left him when I left Paris Shortly after this conversation, Dr. Leekie enters the restaurant. Delphine asks if they should invite him to eat with them, to which Cosima shrugs and says "You're single now.