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On how BLACK VEIL BRIDES handle fans who cry during meet-and-greets: Christian: "I don't know I think it used to happen a lot more than it. I just saw Marilyn Manson live, but only VIP'S got to come in and meet him. A VIP ticket is around $ to $ for him. It would be less for BVB. Find out when Black Veil Brides is next playing live near you. List of all Black Veil Brides tour dates and concerts. Set It Off was really great too, and that was the first time I heard them. . I just wish that there is would have been a meet and greet so I could thank them for keeping me strong but it's cool.

I got up early and for the first time i was going to take the train alone. The first train was no problem but when i was going to get the second train i missed it.

I saw the train go and i ran for my life and i missed it. I dont like it but i cried alot, i called my mom and she came with the car and told me she got tickets for the next train dad fixed them. My day was saved so i took the next train and met my goodfather who was going to keep an eye on me at the concert.

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I live far away from Stockholm and it was a long trip with first train and then the hour long trip with car. I was very nervous my first concert i could have gone to many concerts but i had promised myself to wait til i could go on a Black Veil Brides concert. We parked the car stood in the line. My heart was beating and all kinds of cool people was standing in line. We got in and hanged our jackets my goodfather found a place to sit and i was just walking around watching and thinking.

Was this a dream am i really here? So the concert started Fearless Vampires where pretty good. Like a storm was very good. I saw people wasnt so active as i thought they would be on a concert but they where calm and i felt pretty safe. Like a storm stopped playing and then everyone started shouting but Black Veil Brides were not coming out.

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I never thought, 'I'm going to have this effect on somebody. It's overwhelming and it's humbling; it's cool. I don't really get starstruck or anything, but I'd definitely have nerves and my heart would be pounding and stuff. I imagine myself in there and try to make it as easygoing for them as possible. I mean, there's been an occasional, 'Holy shit! Not that I think I'm, like, 'too cool for school,' it's just like we're all human. We all have a skeleton underneath our skin and despite people's talents and creative brilliance and intelligence, we all come from the same species.

That's kind of how I think of it. We're all on the same level. The majority of the fanbase, they really resonate with the lyrics and having self-empowerment and this collective group. It's like a home at our shows and there's so many outcasts. There's so many different ways we say it and convey that point throughout our albums and stuff.

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But it really is. I see tagged photos of fans on Instagram and they make life-long friendships from our shows. They'll just be standing next to somebody at a concert and now they have meet-ups all over the world. Mexico City has a bunch of them, South America, they'll just go to a park and there's 40 people hanging out with banners and stuff.