90210 naomi and max first meet episode 7

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90210 naomi and max first meet episode 7

Forever Hold Your Peace Credits Original airing May 15, Written by Lara Olsen Directed by Harry Sinclair Forever Hold Your Peace is the. Naomi Clark, played by AnnaLynne McCord, is a fictional character from the CW primetime Prior to being cast in , McCord had begun building a reputation for playing Social power is also said to be a priority of Naomi's in early episodes, along . At the end of the third season, Naomi tells Max that she is pregnant. This week on (Season 5, Episode 7), Naomi is jealous of Max's replacement for Alec. Read Kidzworld's recap of “99 Problems,” which aired on November.

By episode 7, seemed to have gained some audience back by reaching a. Episode 8 stabilized at. The mid-season finale saw another rise in the demo garnering a. Episode 10 was down two tenths from the mid-season finale with a 0. This episode also rose two tenths in DVR numbers garnering a 0. Episode 11 maintained the 0.

Episode 12 held onto the 0. Episode 13 hit lows in the key demo, sinking to a 0. The following episode hit another low with a 0. Episode 15 rose in the ratings reaching 0. The rating remained the same for episode 16 with a 0. The series finale, aired on May 13,scoredviewers and 0. Girl just has a bad track record. AnnaLynne McCord took the time to write to the fans on Twitter, and also going on saying, "It was a shocker. We found out via Twitter — that wasn't cool at all.

Particularly, the un-satisfying ending for the character of Silver led to a serious backlash from fans and critics for the little resolution of the character after losing the baby and getting the news of cancer right in the middle of the episode. She is last shown being comforted by Jen while police sirens are heard due to Annie reporting the underage drinking.

It is revealed that she, Silver, and Adrianna have formed a friendly trio during the summer.

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She hesitates to act at first, but is later encouraged to by Jen, widening the rift between her and Annie. Soon afterward, Naomi learns the truth about Jen's actions on the night of the prom, creating a rift between the two.

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Annie initially keeps her at a distance, while Liam, after much effort, is eventually given a second chance with Naomi. Cannon Hal Ozsana faculty member, Naomi falsely accuses him of sexual harassment while talking with her friends, who unexpectedly urge her to come forward with the experience. As with her attack on Annie, she initially declines to act. However, she eventually does so when Liam faces expulsion for assaulting Cannon.

He kisses Naomi repeatedly as she refuses and pushes him away, but he continues and eventually rapes her. She later decides to press charges against Cannon, but becomes discouraged from going through with the process. Eventually, Naomi and the police obtain new evidence against Cannon. However, Cannon disappears before he can be arrested.

Cannon is shown waiting for her unnoticed. He later holds both Naomi and Silver captive, though they eventually manage to subdue him and call the police. Cannon, she takes up meditation, leading her to cross paths with a guru who cons her out of a large sum of money.

Naomi later retrieves the money with the help of her science partner, Max Josh Zuckerman. Naomi is shocked to find herself beginning to like Max, and they soon begin a relationship. At the end of the third season, Naomi tells Max that she is pregnant. Season 4[ edit ] The fourth season begins with Naomi breaking up with Max after what she feels is his excessive relief on discovering that her pregnancy was a false positive.

Attempting to make a big impression at California University CUNaomi buys a large house, coming into conflict with the owner's son Austin Tallridge Justin Deeleywho had been growing marijuana on the property. Naomi throws a big elaborate beginning of school party for CU students but this backfires when the party is raided by the police and Naomi disposes of Austin's marijuana plants by tossing them on a bonfire, causing CU's star quarterback to later test positive for drug use.

The disastrous party causes Naomi to enter CU as the most unpopular girl in school, a situation she attempts to rectify by pledging a popular sorority. Initially things appear to be going well as Naomi is taken under the wing of the sorority President, Holly Megalyn Echikunwoke. But after performing a series of humiliating hazing rituals, Naomi discovers that Holly never intended to let her into the sorority and that this was all done to humiliate Naomi.

Vowing revenge, Naomi buys her way into the only sorority that will have her: Naomi has sex with Austin after he agrees to help her new sorority humiliate Holly.

However, she later learns that Austin was using her to break up with Holly, whom he had been dating. When Holly invites Max to a campus event to unsettle Naomi, she rekindles her romance with him, but still finds herself attracted to Austin.

At a talent show fundraiser for Raj Manish DayalNaomi becomes obsessed with outdoing Austin's new 'girlfriend', who is really his cousin who's staying with him for the week. After surprising a clueless Max during their performance, Max breaks things off with Naomi, saying he can't be the guy who's okay with his girlfriend having feelings for someone else.

Naomi and Austin then embark on a relationship. In Project Runway, Naomi is thrilled to compete in CU's fashion design competition, but her excitement quickly dies down when she finds out she's competing against nemesis Holly.

The two waste no time in trying to one-up each other, with Naomi donating a large sum of money to the competition's fashion show so that her fashions can be showcased in the most flattering way.

When she reveals she'll have the ab-man himself Liam, modeling her designs, Holly goes behind her back and books him through his modeling agency.

90210 naomi and max first meet episode 7

But that's not all she steals; the night of the fashion show, Naomi discovers that Holly's ripped off her designs and the two end up in a full-blown fight backstage. Though neither gal wins the competition, Naomi gets an internship offer from a Hollywood event planner, and the two dueling divas decide to call a truce. In order to increase her chances, Marissa hires Silver to make a campaign video aimed at young people.

90210 naomi and max first meet episode 7

His character Nick is described as a "scruffy-handsome" graduate student with an interest in photography. Nick, who works for National Geographic, is also said to be charming and a traveler.

Season 5, Episode 7 :: 99 Problems

He ends up falling for one of the female characters, but she is already in a relationship. His episode will air in November. Online confirmed that Eureka alum Niall Matter would join the cast as Greg, a new love-interest for Silver. Arielle Kebbel will join the series in a recurring role in December as Vanessa, a girl with a rather promiscuous past who still, occasionally finds herself making risky choices.

It's going to be fun. It's kind of a mystery," he said in an interview with E!. It was revealed that his character will first become friends with Annie, but will also get romantically involved with another woman on the show.

90210: Season 5, Episode 7 :: 99 Problems

Her character is said to be a brilliant and powerful music executivewho ends up forcing Dixon to make a tough decision by making him a great offer. When Hoffman's character isn't studying he's a laid back surfer, passionate about community service. He won't make his appearance until a March episode. Pretty Little Liars cast Yani Gellman was cast in a multiple guest arc playing the bad boy Diego, the new potential love interest of Ivy Sullivan.

American Idol season 10 runner-up, Haley Reinhartwill guest star as herself.

90210 naomi and max first meet episode 7

Reinhart will appear in the March 27 episode, performing at a showcase. She will also sing the first single off her debut album during her appearance.