Oldsmobile club of america national meet 2014

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oldsmobile club of america national meet 2014

Goodguys Southeastern Nationals, Charlotte Motor Speedway Photographed at the Oldsmobile Club of America National Meet at the Crowne. three other national car shows have pegged Springfield as a host site for , July – Vintage Thunderbird Club of America Regional meet at July 27 – Oldsmobile Club of America National Convention at the. These aren't your father's Oldsmobiles, they're Buicks -- and they are Valley next summer for the Buick Club of America's 50th anniversary a fellow collector , according to a story in The New York Times. Hosting an international auto club's 50th anniversary celebration and national meet will put.

Northern Ohio Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America

Hosting an international auto club's 50th anniversary celebration and national meet will put Allentown on the map with car collectors, said Al and Alex Ruozzi, who own RB Collection, a Trexlertown business that restores and services classic, vintage and exotic cars. The area is home to several classic car shows and for many years hosted the Concours d'Elegance of the Eastern United States.

But the Buick meet would tap into more of a national audience.

oldsmobile club of america national meet 2014

A member of the convention's welcoming committee, Beckley, 76, can still remember the day a food broker pulled into his father's driveway in a mandarin red Skylark. That turned out to be an understatement. He's owned 13 of the convertibles over the last six decades, including two that are now in his garage. The brand was known for years for its substantial, comfort-laden Roadmaster model cars, Ruozzi said, and is especially popular with collectors in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

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He and his brother have restored Buicks in the past and hope to acquire one in time to enter it in the national club's meet next summer. Having a collector with Bulgari's prestige is a huge asset to the Lehigh Valley, he said.

Bulgari's collection includes some rare cars, but focuses on cars such as Buicks that were driven by the average person — the Ford Focuses and Chevy Cruzes of yesterday. And unlike some collectors, said Brashares, Bulgari really loves driving his cars. Car collectors aren't the only ones revved up over the convention. The Buick Club of America has contracted with 14 area hotels to accommodate the influx of members, ranging from the meet's upscale headquarters at the Renaissance Allentown Hotel, attached to PPL Center, to the more budget-minded Holiday Inn Express.

Regional tourism promotion chief Mike Stershic said he couldn't think of an event of its size in recent memory. The agency has been working with the club for more than two years to accommodate the convention, which will take place July And it is a wide mix of people, folks with a lot of money and those with a little money. The Buick Club of America boasts 7, members. It's early, but as of last Friday, club members had registered for the celebration, constituting total visitors including family members and other guests, Brashares said.

I see the damaged front end in daylight for the first time. Andrew married inand eventually filled the '68's back seat with three sons. Tom finished college with a doctorate, and continued to teach there for the next 30 years. Tom remained single and his Charger remained with him and his excellent care.

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The '68 Charger didn't fare so well. Inthat beautiful '68 suffered a careless collision into a Pontiac Bonneville. Andrew put the damaged Charger away in his workshop. There it would wait until family priorities allowed its repair.

Fast forward to A phone call from Thomas, now Professor Seybert, was flat-out giddy exciting. I don't use my Charger much anymore. So, I went to his wedding with a U-Haul trailer and brought home a well-kept, unmolested Dodge Charger with just 77, miles.

oldsmobile club of america national meet 2014

It was just like I remembered it in It was nearly 25 years since the '68 Charger was wrecked and put away. On October 13,another phone call rang in.

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I would have never guessed it, as Andrew clung tightly to his wrecked Charger. Over the phone I hear, "I don't have the health to restore my Charger," he said, "and all the boys want it. It just needs to leave. Andrew asked for the satisfaction of getting the car to run before it left. I hoped he wouldn't change his mind in the meantime. But, it was finally ready on March 28,and he was still willing to let it go.

The previous night, Andrew sneaked the car from his workshop and drove it to our mother's home. There, he hid the battered car in her garage. You see, all the boys lived nearby, and it was best they didn't see the Charger go away. The Charger was running, but barely.

oldsmobile club of america national meet 2014

It struggled to climb the trailer ramp. But with the car strapped in, Andrew and I joined Mom for some homemade vegetable soup, apple pie and coffee while we settled the paper work. My dear mother, having settled into her rocking chair, looked up from her knitting and said with a smile, "Well, Joseph.