Meet the experts 2014 aceh tsunami

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meet the experts 2014 aceh tsunami

By Euronews • last updated: 26/12/ The tsunami taught us how to resolve a complicated problem by uniting as one Hit by a metre wave, Indonesia's Aceh Province bore the brunt of the devastation on What about the experts from Russia, Syrian government, and Iran who did the job? My God. The tsunami that struck Banda Aceh, Indonesia, on December 26, , washed a This story originally published on December 26, . tsunami alert, many residents wouldn't have had enough time to reach high ground. Photo of .. can take part in photo assignments, get expert feedback, and more. These projects have met with varying degrees of success and failure, but to the credit For us, conducting research in Aceh over the decade since the tsunami has given as gender experts and were contacted for this purpose in May

With technical guidance and sharing of experience, we can further enable local communities to take action that will improve their local environment and help them to bounce back stronger. Naturally, most of the aid that followed the tsunami focused on immediate humanitarian assistance of food, water and shelter plus building back houses and other infrastructure.

Indonesia remembers victims in Aceh, area worst hit by tsunami | Euronews

Wetlands International commitment In order to support local community in their effort to achieve healthy coastal ecosystems, Wetlands International is supporting a programme to address the key problems faced by the community.

We will bring in experienced local facilitators from the Green Coast project and technical specialists who can help local community groups develop and implement their own programme of action.

The work will start with a full assessment of the problems villagers face and the root causes of those problems. Wetlands International will draw on successful experiences in the Green Coast project, for example in linking community efforts for ecosystem restoration with incentives for livelihood improvement.

Green Coast investments in sustainable recovery The Green Coast project led by Wetlands International and supported by Oxfam Netherlands, invested in enabling the remaining local communities to restore the basis of their future livelihoods, for example by replanting mangroves to protect and secure their small scale fish ponds and to provide a future buffer against storms.

Green Coast Project Soon after the December tsunami, NGOs worldwide appealed for support in their efforts to recover damaged coastal ecosystems and to reform coastal policies. Following urgent pleas from their local partners, four international organisations developed the Green Coast Project: A person emergency aid team consisting of 5 medical specialists, nurses and administrative staff has been dispatched to Sri Lanka by The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare and a medical aid group.

Other forms of humanitarian aid include over 30, tons in emergency supplies and 50 medical teams to be dispatched to affected areas. Various organisations such as Artsen zonder Grenzen are sending medical teams.

meet the experts 2014 aceh tsunami

The Bulgarian Red Cross and the national emergency agency have sent emergency equipment, drugs and shelters. The total makes the country a leading donor from the former Eastern bloc.

Fast-response teams of the governmental technical relief organisation THW were sent to Thailand and Sri Lanka for rescue purposes on 28 December, together with drinking water purification equipment to be installed in Galle Sri Lanka. Additional water purification equipment was sent to the Maldives and Indonesia on first days of this year.

meet the experts 2014 aceh tsunami

During the last weeks, several medical and supporting units of the German armed forces have been sent to the region, including a supporting frigate and medevac airlifts. Australian and German forces have joined to build a large-scale field hospital at the scene.

The German Chancellor has proposed to release the most affected countries from their debts and to create a scheme under which every EU nation "adopts" where one has to note that the German word for adoption or godparenthood has a less demeaning undertone than the English one one of the most severely affected countries and ensures long-lasting aid.

Former President Bill Clinton visits Aceh, Indonesia to view tsunami recovery

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, the Irish public quickly started collecting money, on the streets, in churches, schools, in shopping centres and many other initiatives such as the Work a Day for Free, where many workers throughout the country donated a days wages to the disaster relief fund. Hundreds of other events took place throughout the country. As of 31 December five Italian flights have arrived Sri Lanka carrying an advanced team of eight experts of the Italian Civil Protection Department with fifty tonnes of equipment and goods two field hospitals, twenty doctors and medical staff, medical kits, field kitchens, water pumps, water storages, etc.

meet the experts 2014 aceh tsunami

Humanitarian materials have been distributed by the Macedonian Red Cross as well as by private companies. Telephone numbers by all operators were open for private donations.

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Musical happenings and a TV charity marathon by the national broadcaster which included the auction of articles of Macedonian celebrities were also organized. Some of these articles, such as a portrait of the Macedonian Romani music queen, Esma, reached outstandingly high prices for both Macedonian and European standards. A KDC aircraft of the Dutch Airforce has flown several missions to the affected areas, providing emergency supplies and a mobile hospital unit.

Military air-traffic-controllers have been sent to Banda Aceh to help dealing with the stream of relief flights.

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Also, a specialized forensic identification team has helped to find the identities of dozens of Tsunami victims in Thailand. Real estate and land prices increased sharply, making homes in tsunami-safe locations unaffordable to poorer residents wanting to move there. At the same time, the rental prices dropped for the newly built homes near the coast, drawing in poorer residents. Poor and risky here — rich and safe there Satellite images show that the reconstruction was carried out in areas affected by the tsunami.

Google Earth Ultimately, this has led to a division in the urban population — with poor residents who can no longer afford to live in tsunami-safe locations on one side, and affluent residents on the other. According to McCaughey, one way to avoid this undesirable segregation would be to let people choose where they receive housing aid after the disaster, regardless of their purchasing power.

Nine in ten interviewees said that they were not given this choice, however. But it was also reported that there were many who did willingly move back to the coastal zones. When rebuilding in disaster areas, aid organisations and government agencies have to decide whether to relocate people to less hazardous areas or to help them resettle in the same places where they lived and worked before.

In the case of Banda Aceh, the researchers reported that a decision was made for the latter: Relocation has its disadvantages, too, however: The former inhabitants of these areas were relocated.