Honolulu marathon track meet 2014

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honolulu marathon track meet 2014

Honolulu Marathon Track & Field Meet Entry deadline: Monday, April 13, Email @ p.m. – Send entries to Jeff Meister () email address. Honolulu Marathon Invitational Track Meet Kaiser High School Stadium, Honolulu, HI April 8, Anuenue, Aiea Na Alii, Campbell Sabers, Christian. Honolulu Marathon Information by tomofumi.info - the complete marathon Results: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [ ] (available on Monday), and meet/greet with Honolulu Marathon's champions! Japan Airline (JAL) is the official sponsor of the Honolulu Marathon and.

Most races are started with the traditional gun, however marathons in Hawaii — host to the fourth-largest event in the U. Fireworks blazed through the air and lit up the sky, setting off loud explosions for miles as they reached their peak.

  • 2014 Honolulu Marathon Track & Field Meet
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  • 2014 Honolulu Marathon Track & Field Meet

I had the unique opportunity to represent my organization " The Hawaii Project " and see the race from a rare perspective. Paired with association president Jim Barahal, agent Davor Savija and other media personnel, we drove the entire time just ahead of the marathon leaders with a prime view for taking pictures, videos and splits. The conditions were surprisingly more than ideal.

Race rabbit Festus Talam went out quick to settle in to record pace. He led a pack of nine athletes through the first kilometer in 3 minutes, and eventually through the opening mile in 4: Lilesa was the pre-race favorite to win gold because of his PR of 2: Feyisa posed the biggest threat to the dominance the Kenyans, who have won every single title during the past two decades except inwhich was won by Ethiopian Ambesse Tolossa.

Throughout the race Feyisa was quite unpredictable, fluctuating between the lead pack and chase group at least 5 meters behind.

Honolulu Marathon - Race Details

His inconsistent race could be because of his choice not to hydrate throughout as much as his competitors. Every few kilometers, there were places called "elite stations" where athletes pre-made drink concoctions available for them in an easy to consume squeeze bottle that would help keep their momentum despite taking a detour.

Most other runners made the extra stride to hydrate at these stations, but Feyisa did not. At the second elite station, while rounding a corner, Talam — whose job was to stay in until 30 kilometers — swung tight and took a fall.

honolulu marathon track meet 2014

He popped back up immediately and sprinted to the front where he made sure no one was pushing the effort too hard, resulting in a 3: In order to break the course record of 2: Their bold efforts to take the race out perfectly on pace resulted in a 3-mile split of We experience the very best that Honolulu had to offer including the Hilton's Waikiki Starlight Hawaiian Luau with premiere seatings, Benihana's seafood lobster medley, Hatsuhana, 24hrs Wailana Coffee house for traditional Hawaiian breakfast, Saigon Salad Cafe inexpensiveHawaiian Hula dancers, being on the live film set of Hawaii Five-0, photos with Hawaiian girls, a great The Honolulu Marathon is the fourth largest marathon in the US, and unique in that there is no cut off time, therefore attracting both fast runners as well as walkers.

Inthe last official finisher yrs took I walk the remainder. My time is View my other review with photos for more info. Organization worse every y about: Course, volunteers, support, HPD. Volunteers, as always are the best. From packet pick-up through aid stations along the course, to assistance in the park, they are all to be commended.

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No staging control 10K walkers starting ahead of marthoners! Entry fee continues to soar while service declines. Garish, clunky, China-made medals.

Old ones had class. T-shirts worse every year. Can no longer have certificate mailed. No pick-up the next day? Print it yourself or go without!

Finishing used to feel like an accomplishment. Now it feels like a chore! Great spectators on a relatively flat course about: There are a few very unique aspects of the race. First off, there is no time limit and no entry limit.

So it just so happens that this year, an 81 year old woman was the last to cross the finish line after about 16 hours. You will notice right away that the race attracts a lot of walkers.

If you are even slightly towards the front half of the pack in the average marathon, you will place high. Japan Airlines sponsors the event, so it attracts thousands of participants from Japan. The course itself could definitely highlight more parts of the city. Besides downtown, the only other two major parts include Diamond Head and a big loop around Hawaii Kai. For the race, we got very lucky with the weather for it being in the tropics, and as a result the mens and womens course records were both broken and I broke the four hour mark at a 3: We even got some rain during the race, which didn't stop the spectators from coming out making it a big plus.

Overall, I had a great time and plan on doing it again sometime in the future. Super fun, super chill race about: I've seen some fairly harsh reviews and I think the race committee must have seen them as well. The medals and lei are given to you right when you cross the finish line and they really do TRY to get you to line up per your corral.

honolulu marathon track meet 2014

You can't change the nature of the runners. They didn't train; they've never done a race before; they don't get running etiquette. But it was a VERY well organized race with tons of support and aid stations. I liked the fact that I could walk and chill out and didn't feel super pressured to finish with a good time. It was a fun race and I'd totally do it again. This was my 10th marathon.

honolulu marathon track meet 2014

The organization and spectators too. My friend and I had a wonderful time in Honolulu. Really miss Honolulu and hope one day I can came again.

honolulu marathon track meet 2014

Enjoyed the race about: My two prior marathons were both much, much smaller local races. I thought aid station support throughout was great. Trying to negotiate the crowds was difficult. As near as I can tell, no one paid attention to the corrals at the start line. I lined up towards the back of the 2: I enjoyed the course, particularly with the sun coming up at the turn-around.

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Also enjoyed seeing the elite runners on their return. It was a little surreal navigating the streets of Waikiki at 3: I am a comfortable 4: When the gun went off, the fireworks started. Instead of running, people just stood there and videoed the fireworks. For like 5 minutes!

honolulu marathon track meet 2014

I wiggled my way through them to run. This throws off the results for those of us who were actually trying to get a good, official time.