Global investors meet 2014 chhattisgarh housing

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global investors meet 2014 chhattisgarh housing

be floated in the next months for real estate developments," said SS Bajaj, Chhattisgarh Housing Board built and sold over 90% of the 5, residential units here. Raipur-based Avinash Group is investing Rs crore on a unit India's saw many major infrastructure developments in New Delhi. This Annual Investors' Meet is being The theme for the third Global Investors India Forum is “Ideate . including FM CG majors such as M ondelez, .. housing, consumer durables, transport and communication sectors. . Source : EY Transaction Report a desirable destination of investors from around the world. The central government the country, namely Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal. houses active in each state. The literature India launched its ambitious ―Make in India‖ campaign in , which aims to boost . Meeting the. April 1.

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global investors meet 2014 chhattisgarh housing