World meet for peace and harmony 2012 at rama krishna muth new delhi

New DVD - World Meet for Peace and Harmony - 19 Oct - Ramakrishna Mission Delhi

Dalai Lama Inaugurates World Meet for Peace and Harmony in Delhi peace and harmony organized by the Ramakrishna Mission in New Delhi, On September 10, , the Dalai Lama participated the Golden Jubilee. World Meet for Peace and Harmony September 11, Share. New Delhi, India, 11 September - Although, following the tragic events of September The Ramakrishna Mission, a philanthropic, volunteer organization that conducts . New DVD – World Meet for Peace and Harmony – 19 Oct 19/10/ A Video-DVD of the WORLD MEET OF PEACE AND HARMONY, organized at the.

Humanity is in need of an ambrosia of peace and harmony. The root of all conflicts and sufferings seem to be the utter selfishness of Man and his narrow vision of life. Hence, with a deep sense of concern for the entire humanity we wish to organize a World Meet for Peace and Harmony on the 11th and 12th of September, The Meet would explore the basis for peace and harmony from several perspectives such as religion, science, arts and even sports.

There would also be a special session to assess the contribution of Ramakrishna Movement towards peace and harmony. Abdul Kalam has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest in the inaugural session.

After the welcome address by the Secretary, Swami Shantatmananda, Revered Swami Vagishanandaji Maharaj, who was the Guest of Honour in the inaugural session, gave his address. This was followed by a thought provoking speech by Dr. Finally, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave his message of peace and harmony.

On the first day i. On the 12th, the day began with a soul-stirring presentation by the representatives of two museums of peace, one located in Taipei, Taiwan and the other in Los Angeles, USA. The presentations touched the hearts of the viewers. Even in the West, for 3D films they produce, they use live characters.

World Meet for Peace and Harmony - Invitation - Sep 11, 12, - Ramakrishna Mission Delhi

This was followed by a special session on the Contribution of Ramakrishna Movement for Peace and Harmony. The next session was devoted to the contribution of Science towards Peace and Harmony which was chaired by Swami Atmapriyanandaji and two other eminent scientists presented their views.

It was perhaps the first occasion that anyone had acknowledged the existence of other faith traditions with respect and had suggested that they were paths to the same goal and so could live in harmony with one another. The Ramakrishna Mission, a philanthropic, volunteer organization that conducts extensive welfare and educational work, founded by Swami Vivekananda four years later incelebrated the event today with an All Faiths Prayer Meet at their temple in New Delhi.

Dalai Lama Inaugurates World Meet for Peace and Harmony in Delhi

His Holiness was invited to speak at the end. He greeted his spiritual brothers and sisters and began by comparing the numbers of followers of the various traditions in the world.

It was agreed that probably Christianity has the largest number of devotees, followed by Islam and Hinduism, but His Holiness noted that while Zoroastrians may now be one of the smallest religious communities in the world they exercise their freedom to worship in India without fear. In a world of 7 billion human beings with different ways of life these different traditions are necessary for humanity.

Realistically speaking we need these different approaches to achieve inner peace and peace in the community. Violence and war persist in many places and prayer seems insufficient to stop it. What we need to do is to take action. He also advised that if religious teaching remains in a book that we only read occasionally, while we lead our lives in another direction, there is something wrong and it does not serve much purpose.

Initiated Devotees Meet 2018 -- Address by Swami Shantatmananda -- Ramakrishna Mission Delhi