Thompson park class meet 2012 results

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thompson park class meet 2012 results

10/27/ - GMAC XC Championship @Thompson Park. Varsity - Bishop Ahr @ Thompson Park 9/15/ - Thompson Park Class Meet ( miles). SUMMER • Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District • Temescal St., If classes do not meet the minimum number of participants cancellation may be con - . written by Melanie Thompson, songs written by the hendry family expense, which they may incur as a result of the death or any injury or. Thompson Park Class Meet More Results PM 9/15/ Class Meet - 9/15/ 9/15/ Rankings Event 6 Girls 5k Run CC Soph.

Click to see more information The Canada Revenue Agency CRA is shifting toward a client-centric approach to program and service delivery.

Over the past year, many improvements have been made. To improve telephone service, the budget proposed additional funding to enhance telephone technology, to hire more agents, and to provide additional training for agents. The CRA now allows more callers to reach its call centres, rather than be faced with a busy signal, by extending wait times in the queue. This has reduced the number of attempts that callers need to make to reach an agent. The CRA also expanded the number of self-serve options available to Canadians.

For example, since Februarycallers can obtain their account balance and details about the last payment made to the CRA without speaking to an agent. In addition, My Account allows easier access to greater amounts of information, and allows more transactions to be undertaken, such as printing a Proof of Income.

This program assists vulnerable Canadians with tax filing and access to the benefits to which they are entitled.

thompson park class meet 2012 results

As well, the budget provided funding to support additional year-round tax preparation offered by community organizations, and to conduct more outreach activities to vulnerable population segments including Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, seniors, newcomers and refugees, modest-income Canadians, housing insecure individuals and youth.

In Novemberthe CRA introduced the "tell us once" approach, a consent-based service that will make it easier for Canada Pension Plan recipients to update and share their direct deposit banking information quickly and safely between the CRA and Employment and Social Development Canada. Individuals and business owners can now pay their taxes in person at any Canada Post retail outlet with cash or a debit card by using the personalized quick response QR code found on their remittance voucher, or by creating a QR code online, or by creating a QR code in the BizApp.

Thompson Park Class Meet - Meet Results

The CRA is continuously working to improve its services for individuals and businesses. In Maya new service was introduced to inform business clients that mail addressed to them has been returned to the CRA, by sending them a message to their My Business Account. The CRA has expanded the Liaison Officer LO service, which offers the owners of small unincorporated businesses help to understand their tax obligations.

In Octoberthe CRA launched BizApp, a mobile web app for small businesses and sole proprietors to keep on top of their business accounts securely, anytime and anywhere. Since its launch, small businesses and sole proprietors have logged in more than 9, times. As of mid-the end of October, over payments had been made through pre-authorized debit in the app and this number is anticipated to grow as the service was expanded in late October to include the My Payment and QR code payment options.

thompson park class meet 2012 results

Regarding science, Thomson wrote the following. In physical science a first essential step in the direction of learning any subject is to find principles of numerical reckoning and practicable methods for measuring some quality connected with it.

I often say that when you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind: Though now eminent in the academic field, Thomson was obscure to the general public.

In Septemberhe married childhood sweetheart Margaret Crum, daughter of Walter Crum ; [30] but her health broke down on their honeymoon, and over the next seventeen years, Thomson was distracted by her suffering. On 16 OctoberGeorge Gabriel Stokes wrote to Thomson to try to re-interest him in work by asking his opinion on some experiments of Michael Faraday on the proposed transatlantic telegraph cable.

Faraday had demonstrated how the construction of a cable would limit the rate at which messages could be sent — in modern terms, the bandwidth.

Thompson Park Class Meet

Thomson jumped at the problem and published his response that month. In a further analysis, [32] Thomson stressed the impact that the design of the cable would have on its profitability. Thomson contended that the signalling speed through a given cable was inversely proportional to the square of the length of the cable. Thomson's results were disputed at a meeting of the British Association in by Wildman Whitehousethe electrician of the Atlantic Telegraph Company.

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Whitehouse had possibly misinterpreted the results of his own experiments but was doubtless feeling financial pressure as plans for the cable were already well under way. He believed that Thomson's calculations implied that the cable must be "abandoned as being practically and commercially impossible".

Thompson Park Class Meet

Thomson attacked Whitehouse's contention in a letter to the popular Athenaeum magazine, [33] pitching himself into the public eye. Thomson recommended a larger conductor with a larger cross section of insulation. He thought Whitehouse no fool, and suspected that he might have the practical skill to make the existing design work.

Thomson's work had attracted the attention of the project's undertakers. In Decemberhe was elected to the board of directors of the Atlantic Telegraph Company.

Scientist to Engineer[ edit ] Thomson became scientific adviser to a team with Whitehouse as chief electrician and Sir Charles Tilston Bright as chief engineer but Whitehouse had his way with the specificationsupported by Faraday and Samuel F.

Thomson contributed to the effort by publishing in the Engineer the whole theory of the stresses involved in the laying of a submarine cableand showed that when the line is running out of the ship, at a constant speed, in a uniform depth of water, it sinks in a slant or straight incline from the point where it enters the water to that where it touches the bottom. He patented the key elements of his system, the mirror galvanometer and the siphon recorderin Whitehouse still felt able to ignore Thomson's many suggestions and proposals.

It was not until Thomson convinced the board that using purer copper for replacing the lost section of cable would improve data capacity, that he first made a difference to the execution of the project. In return, Thomson secured a trial for his mirror galvanometer, which the board had been unenthusiastic about, alongside Whitehouse's equipment. Thomson found the access he was given unsatisfactory and the Agamemnon had to return home following the disastrous storm of June In London, the board was about to abandon the project and mitigate their losses by selling the cable.

Lampson argued for another attempt and prevailed, Thomson insisting that the technical problems were tractable. Though employed in an advisory capacity, Thomson had, during the voyages, developed a real engineer's instincts and skill at practical problem-solving under pressure, often taking the lead in dealing with emergencies and being unafraid to assist in manual work.

A cable was completed on 5 August.

Thompson Park Class Meet - Girls - Soph (Raw)

Disaster and triumph[ edit ] Thomson's fears were realized when Whitehouse's apparatus proved insufficiently sensitive and had to be replaced by Thomson's mirror galvanometer. Whitehouse continued to maintain that it was his equipment that was providing the service and started to engage in desperate measures to remedy some of the problems.

  • William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin
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When the cable failed completely Whitehouse was dismissed, though Thomson objected and was reprimanded by the board for his interference. Thomson subsequently regretted that he had acquiesced too readily to many of Whitehouse's proposals and had not challenged him with sufficient vigor. Most of the blame for the cable's failure was found to rest with Whitehouse. Thomson was appointed one of a five-member committee to recommend a specification for a new cable.

thompson park class meet 2012 results

The committee reported in October A further attempt in laid a new cable in two weeksand the recover and complete the cable. The enterprise was now feted as a triumph by the public and Thomson enjoyed a large share of the adulation. Thomson, along with the other principals of the project, was knighted on 10 November To exploit his inventions for signalling on long submarine cables, Thomson now entered into a partnership with C.

Varley and Fleeming Jenkin. In conjunction with the latter, he also devised an automatic curb sendera kind of telegraph key for sending messages on a cable. Later expeditions[ edit ] Thomson took part in the laying of the French Atlantic submarine communications cable ofand with Jenkin was engineer of the Western and Brazilian and Platino-Brazilian cables, assisted by vacation student James Alfred Ewing.

Thomson's wife died on 17 Juneand he resolved to make changes in his life. An unscheduled day stop-over in Madeira followed and Thomson became good friends with Charles R.

thompson park class meet 2012 results

Blandy and his three daughters. On 2 May he set sail for Madeira on the Lalla Rookh.