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Jung So min is a South Korean actress born in Kim Yoon ji on March 16th, S. She started her She restarted her actress job in She is also From the start of the , that relationship had grew into something special. Jung So min and Kim Hyun Joong had been rumored that they are dating. Kim graduated from Mokpo Commercial High School in at the top of the class. designated successor, in the election held on 18 December. Iris (Hangul: 아이리스; RR: Airiseu) is a South Korean espionage television drama series, starring Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim Seung- woo, Kim So-yeon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) Hyun-jun became the negotiator for the president Cho Myung-ho (Lee Jung-gil) and Retrieved

The Last Vampire in In lateit was announced that Jun would be making her long-predicted jump to Hollywood as the lead role in Blood: She was reportedly involved in every stage of their production, from design to deciding on fit and wash and their decoration with accessories.

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Of initially feeling pressured at the opportunity to work with acclaimed actor Hwang Jung-minshe said, "Although luck was probably involved, I think it's destiny for an actor to 'meet' new work.

On the first day I met him, I realized that I have much to learn from him, not only from his acting, but also as an individual. The film, set in remote 19th-century China, features the lifelong friendship between two women, Lily and Snow Flower, and their imprisonment imposed by the strict cultural codes of conduct for women at that time.

The series was a ratings success, sparking trends in fashion, make-up and restaurants. The Blue House[ edit ] Due to the overarching plot of the series involving the disputes inherent to the Korean Peninsula and the intricacies of the foreign relations between the North and South, the Blue House and its primary staff are featured prominently throughout.

His administration begins with his undertaking the grand task of forwarding talks of reunification between the North and South after witnessing the grim reality that is the struggle between the two nations. With strong ambitions, he leads diplomatic outreaches with the North that no one expected of a candidate so early in his term.

President Cho's chief advisor and head of his cabinet is Jung Jyun-jun Jung Han-yongand is one of the few around him that the president feels he can trust with any information, no matter how sensitive it may be.

Later in the series, he becomes the only reliable lifeline the president has against the influence of sabotage originating inside and outside the Blue House. The secretary to the president, Hong Soo-jin Myung Ji-yuntends to find herself at odds with the chief advisor. She rarely speaks her mind freely and appears to have allegiances beyond those that are already apparent.

Others[ edit ] Given the wide range of countries the characters find themselves in throughout the story, a number of recurring characters arise from countries outside of Korea. Her family operates one of the tourist traps nearby, and she exhibits affection for Hyun-jun and attempts to find herself in his company as much as possible. Later, it is Hyun-jun that needs her, as Yuki and her family help him when he needs them most.

A Japanese woman with the country's national intelligence agency, Sato is charged with investigating foreign threats that find themselves on Japanese soil.

Development[ edit ] Based on the general concept of the film Shiri[4] Iris was first revealed in by its production company Taewon Entertainment and attracted wide attention due to its record budget and star power. Written by Kim Hyun-jun, Jo Gyu-won, and Kim Jae-un, [9] the series began pre-production without the backing of a Korean broadcaster in an attempt to spark a bidding war amongst potential suitors.

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The Rise of Cobrawhich had been filming at the time of the announcement. P would be starring alongside Lee as an assassin and the recurring antagonist of the series.

What more time do they have for each other? Although some are successful having the right amount of time and understanding with their partners and having the same career. No one can predict relationship or love, that once the cupid struck that arrow into ones heart then they are trap to the love.

Specially as Hyun Joong was saying he believes in love at first sight and it did actually happened to him. Be where could he be happy, live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment what life has there to offer everyday and live with it.

The time to tie the knot shall remain unpredictable. Romantic Prince in dramas: During his filming in Japan, there were stills shown a gondola which was said to be a scene of a honeymoon!!

Both leading ladies were cute but characters were a bit similar since both portrayed a role of a student same as Hyun Joong in both dramas. In every love story in the dramas, romantic scenes are always the highlight, there always has to be kissing scenes and for more matured love stories there can also be bed scene, but since these scene are shown in TV, the scene are being done in the most discreet way. Among other actress she can at least emote on kissing scenes.

At Princess Hour Yoon Eun Hye was a high school student too but she can emote to the scene with feelings of being kissed for real. The worst kissing scene I have seen was at the drama Kingdom of the Wind. I believe actress need not have to be in an intimate relationship with her leading man just to bring out a simple kiss!!

Similar to Playful Kiss, Hyun Joong and Jung So Min did a good work in portraying a young married couple and it shows how comfortable they were as co-actors that made the scenes effective to the audience. In Secret Garden too both lead actors did a good work in their romantic scenes. In all fairness, the actress are the receiving end of a kiss although this act has to be mutual between the couple.

Gosh he was so naive that I can only laugh!! Then the director said, kissing is not a display of lips on how it should look like but the feelings of kissing and being kissed!! Hyun Joong was so nervous doing so!!

He was so cute and naive!!!

Who is Kim Hyun joong’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Hyun joong

In the up-coming City Conquest, we shall see how Hyun Joong matures in the romantic scenes in this drama. The latest stills that we have seen so far was the embrace that showed a lot of emotional tears from Hyun Joong.

I have seen some photos of Hyun Joong from different dramas embracing his leading ladyand the difference was quite obvious that in this drama City Conquest, the embracing scene was so emotional and tightness in the act of embrace was rather matured than the other two scenes from the previous dramas.

It also perceive like a farewell embrace that seem Baek Mir could not let go of his lover!! And what we got was a picture of a restaurant owner doing the dishes!!

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