Kerala school meet 2012 13 nba playoff tree

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kerala school meet 2012 13 nba playoff tree

The NBA Playoffs were the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association's –13 . italics Team with home-court advantage. This bracket: This was the first playoff meeting between the Heat and the Bucks . 4 Oct, Even if they take an early exit from the playoffs, we'll be talking about them. They are this year's NBA Topic A, no matter what. . But if the Clips can avoid their side of the bracket and square off against Oklahoma City, they a summer internship at the Washington Post back to writing for the school newspaper. Get the latest Cleveland high school boys soccer news, rankings, schedules, stats, scores, results & athletes info for high school football, soccer, basketball.

After his experience volunteering with the camp in Srinagar, Bhat held a practice basketball session for children at a branch of the Delhi Public School DPS in the city. The timing of this trip coincided with a local tournament in the city featuring several different schools.

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Without pay, Bhat began to volunteer in organising and running this tournament, and refereed several games in the process. Other schools also began to send teams to play. About a players signed up for the league. I was in charge of everything: I have a dream of building an indoor court in Srinagar one day to host a top academy in India — one that is committed to teaching basketball the right way!

When you accept a job with the Clippers as the vice president of basketball operations a position many organizations call "general manager"you're not just moving the pieces on the chess board; you're engaging in a rebranding exercise. The Clippers' historic futility has been well-chronicled, and Olshey balanced his awareness of it with a steadfast belief that the franchise's stigma could be tempered with smart management. For Olshey, altering the league's collective opinion of the organization was the most important item on his to-do list, and the Cleveland trip was the opening act of that project.

The meeting with James was vital to Olshey's long-term plan to change the way the top power brokers in basketball regarded the Clippers, particularly those at Creative Artists Agency, who had become extremely powerful in recent years as they've stockpiled many of the NBA's shiniest stars.

These are the guys we've paid.

kerala school meet 2012 13 nba playoff tree

These are the draft picks we've moved. These are the resources we have. This is the practice facility. This is our cap flexibility.

CAA is a savvy, full-service agency that steers its clients to the most desirable employers. When it comes to its most marketable stars, CAA is not inclined to futz around with a franchise if it perceives that a player can't maximize his opportunity for success there. Olshey regarded getting the Clippers off the bad list and on the good list as vital to the health of the franchise, and that could happen only by being proactive.

We all knew [James] wasn't going there, but Neil did all he could, pulled all the puppet strings and he got the interview. The Clippers could handle themselves at the NBA's adult table.

Olshey wasn't a denialist. He knew the history of the franchise and, more important, he knew that you knew that he knew. But he felt deeply that there were assets to be pitched.

Olshey was still getting his feet wet, but he felt confident that, if the Clippers continued to play the long game, they might receive an incoming call the next time a superstar went shopping for a team.

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He was hired on an interim basis, and the Clippers had underperformed somewhat in the free-agency market. Well into that summer, he was still listed as assistant general manager in the team's directory. The Clippers could probably attract a name executive if they wanted to, so why wouldn't they shop the marketplace? Olshey himself was aware of this perception. The organization decided to stay with Olshey. During the season, the Clippers came out of the gatebut they split their last 20 games.

More important, Blake Griffin, the team's No. Olshey could sell that along with a young core that was starting to grow up. He still had a tradable asset in Chris Kaman -- and a less tradable one in Baron Davis. Sources claim that Olshey had sculpted at least one trade for Davis during the previous offseason, but the deal was scuttled by owner Donald T.

kerala school meet 2012 13 nba playoff tree

At the trade deadline in FebruaryOlshey finally pushed a deal through, sending Davis and his hefty contract and an unprotected draft pick to Cleveland in exchange for Mo Williams shorter contract and Jamario Moon. Although the pick had only a 2. Olshey and the Clippers had to suffer that indignity, with many howling that Olshey had made a colossal mistake by not protecting the pick. The Stepien Rule, which dictates that a team can't trade first-round picks if it could be left without one in consecutive years, prohibited the Clippers from protecting the pick, which had only a 1-in chance of landing at No.

With more flexibility on the balance sheet going forward, and with Griffin emerging as a beast below the foul line, Olshey knew his target was an All-Star point guard -- and he had one in mind. At a pre-draft camp in Chicago in May,he put out his first feeler on Chris Paulwhose player option was up in the summer of The pursuit of Chris Paul "Twenty-four hours after the pick goes from No.

Please let me be your first phone call. Most teams, the Clippers among them, felt they couldn't fully assemble an offer without knowing at least something about Paul's long-term intentions. Once the work stoppage was over, there was a feeding frenzy for Paul, all of it played out under the uncertainty of the Hornets' structure of authority the Hornets were owned by the NBA at the time.

Olshey created an offer for Paul in the event he'd opt into the final year of his contract, thereby assuring the Clippers Paul's services for two seasons. He also drew up a lesser offer if Paul wouldn't commit to more than one season with the team.

Olshey felt that, if given the opportunity to pitch Paul the way he'd pitched James, he could sell Paul on the opt-in. The Clippers would subsequently be able to extend the better offer to New Orleans, a collection of goodies -- expiring contracts, a young star, a quality draft pick -- no other team could rival. He wanted to get a glimpse of the Clippers' vision and imagine himself in the fold.

With the Clippers unwilling to add to their lighter offer, the Hornets moved to work with the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets on a three-way trade. When that deal came off the rails, conversations between the Clippers, Hornets and Paul's camp resumed.

Paul ultimately agreed to opt into the final year of his contract, which would guarantee he'd be under the Clippers control until the summer of Over the next several days, Olshey slept very little while he and Roeser negotiated a deal that died and was reborn several different times, once when an official trade call with the league was imminent.

kerala school meet 2012 13 nba playoff tree

On Monday morning there was yet another conversation, yet again no agreement. Olshey told the Hornets that the Clippers needed to move forward, but all the while Rose was in touch to encourage the Clippers to remain engaged in the talks.

After Olshey and Del Negro gathered their players in the film room to tell them no deal was in the works, Olshey returned upstairs to the executive offices, where Roeser filed a waiver claim on Chauncey Billups. Two days later as Olshey picked up Billups personally at the airport and waited for him as Billups took his player physical, Demps called back to see whether the deal could be reconstituted.

Here was the tricky part for Olshey: Foreign players have been hitting up Chinese shores for over a decade, but the most-hyped breakthrough first came when Bonzi Wells came in to play for the Shaanxi Brave Dragons.

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This year, multiple-time All-Star Gilbert Arenas finds himself chilling on the injury list in Shanghai. Tracy McGrady, the man who averaged Tracy McGrady, who once scored 13 points in 35 seconds. That Tracy McGrady is now playing in China. Like McGrady, the city is laid-back and easy-going.

They have featured a few half-decent foreign players in the past—like Dee Brown and Ivan Johnson—but the squad was never good enough for a playoff run.

She says she has been a fan of Mai Di for the past eight years. But the city of Qingdao expects, and the fans are excited.

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Now, the pressure is on McGrady to deliver. Or so we think. Because as the man himself claims, there is no pressure at all. He has been a superstar in the US, and his arrival in China has been greeted with frantic fan frenzy. He was mobbed by fans as he first walked out through the airport, he is mobbed by fans screaming out his name at every home game, he has fans of other teams cheering for him, he has the attention of every person in the 1.

In the middle of this frenzy, this outpour of love and attention, McGrady seems as calm as ever. I just play ball. To put it bluntly, the surrounding cast in the team around McGrady is weak, but that is the price that the team has to pay for signing a former NBA superstar.