Hershey swap meet 2012

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hershey swap meet 2012

Hagerty will be attending the Hershey car show and swap meet to embark on an challenge: building a Ford pickup live at the AACA Hershey Fall Meet. How about a new toy for the garage? There were cars for sale from $2, to $, I spent all of Friday cruising the swap meet and the car. Keen Parts will once again be attending the Hershey Fall Meet in Hershey, PA. The show is October , this year. Keen Parts will.

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In the swap meet, there are literally thousands upon thousands of swap vendors. Selling everything from parts to project cars, toys and literature, cleaning supplies, tools, garage art, clothes, you need it, it's likely you can find it here. The swap meet tends to be a car show in itself as many vendors have cars on display that are either shown on Saturday or are for sale.

hershey swap meet 2012

While walking around we were able to see an early Stanley Steamer chugging around and also spotted a Volkswagen Kubelwagen. I will say that AACA really has this down when it comes to organizing a swap meet.

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Every area of it is paved, as it's held in the parking lot of Hershey Park and the Giant Center. So along with being paved, it's almost entirely flat making it easy for walking around and for carts and scooters to get around.

I brought my trusty wagon with me that was given to me by my parents when I was youngbut decided to leave it in the car as it was cold and windy. So that limited me on my purchases of what I could carry with me. So with that I stuck with paper items and small toys for my expansive VW memorabilia collection.

hershey swap meet 2012

Friday morning I awoke to sunny skies, but still a little chilly. I paid a visit to the AACA museum just a few miles from the meet to take in their fantastic display. Afterwards I headed back to Hershey Park for the car show part of the fall meet, and again amazed myself as a Hershey veteran. There were 38 classes listed in the event program, but it's nearly tripled due to sub classes.

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Meaning that there are classes for say, production cars excluding chevroletsfollowed by a sub class for just 57 and 58 Chevrolet cars. And then within that class, there's probably 50 cars.

hershey swap meet 2012

So that should give you an idea of the shear size of the car show. There's classes for military vehicles, commercial trucks, buses, fire engines, race cars and everything in between.

hershey swap meet 2012

I ended up disappointing myself in not bringing additional memory cards with me for my camera as I ended up filling the car full at pictures. To make up for this, you use a higher multiple to achieve an adequate force.

Hershey Fall Swap Meet – 2012

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Water barrels when properly used are effective on the smaller tents. At the show we trucked in over 50, of concrete ballast for use by vendors and tent rental companies.

We will also quote for tent rentals if we have not reached our cap on the square footage we can install because of inventory availability, and the time constraints for setup imposed by the AACA.

hershey swap meet 2012

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